Internet Explorer 8 Extends Laptop Battery Life

by Klaus on November 21, 2009

in Green Tech

internet_explorer_8_logoWho would have thought, there’s actually something that Internet Explorer 8 does better than the other browsers :)

When it comes to battery life on your laptop, surfing with Internet Explorer 8 is likely to provide you with 8% more minutes for surfing than if using Firefox 3.5.2. Safari 4 in Windows is the worst combination giving only 184 minutes of surf time in the tests done by Anandtech where Internet Explorer 8 comes in at 227 minutes.

Firefox with the AdBlock plugin installed will come close to IE8, with 222 minutes, ahead of Chrome and Opera 9.64. Take away AdBlock and Firefox goes below both Chrome and Opera.

The conclusion by Anandtech seems to be that Internet Explorer 8 looks to be a good balance of features, performance and battery life.

I, for one, are not going to start using Internet Explorer to get more browsing time for the following reasons:

  1. I rarely use the battery in my laptop anyway. Which reminds me, I should probably soon calibrate my battery.
  2. I’m too addicted to all my Firefox add-ons.
  3. I’m on a Mac, so Internet Explorer 8 is not the best choice of browser for me.

What about you, would you consider switching to Internet Explorer 8 in order to save more power or what browser are you currently using & why? Leave a comment below!

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