How To Use Twitter To Get Through To Customer Support In A Jiffy

by Klaus on October 9, 2009

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NetEller LogoI have an online bank account with NetEller that I use for online stuff, much like PayPal etc., except that NetEller also offers you a prepaid MasterCard to use all over the world and in shops. Which is great!

But today I found out they had disabled my account (again!) to “protect my personal information”. I contacted their live chat and was told to provide a credit card statement, showing the credit card number that I’ve used to deposit money with. I explained them that I didn’t have such a statement and my kind of VISA card didn’t work like that, no seperate credit card statement and nothing with the credit card number on it – only bank account statements.

The live chat supporter wouldn’t have any of it and basically just told me to e-mail their Identity verification team with the information I had etc., so they could have a look at it. So I did my best to explain the situation and e-mailed them.

I wasn’t happy about the situation though. I had my online bank account with my money in it and I couldn’t get to it – just one small login screen away from me, which I could not pass!

twitter_logoThe Rescue

I just happened to know that NetEller had at least one Twitter account and it seemed to be pretty active, so I decided to give it a go and see what happened:

Freakin’ NetEller closed my damn account again to “protect my personal information”. Argh!

A few minutes later, this and this appeared in my twitter feed:

neteller_help @thuesen Hi, we’re here to help! Follow us and send us a DM and we’ll have things sorted out for you right away.

neteller_help @thuesen if you perfer, contact us by Live Chat and you’ll connect to an agent right away.

I wrote them back a DM asking for a phone call so I could explain better.

The Call

Just a few minutes later a woman from NetEller called me up – she just had a quick look at my account and was willing to let me explain in full what happened and what I could and could not do – without interrupting me (thank you!).

She asked me to forward the stuff I just sent to their Identity team and she would look at it immediately.

Less than 20 minutes after my initial Twitter message, my NetEller account was now open again – I was able to login, deposit etc.

That’s just amazing – and a big thanks to Jag, VIP Account Manager, from NetEller! I don’t know if Jag is her full first name – but if it is, that’s one very cool name!!

The Thanks

What else could I do than tweet my thank you to NetEller after it was sorted out right away. So I did, and it’s been RT’ed by two NetEller accounts so far: @neteller_help and @neteller.

Even though NetEller is a big company with many employees – it’s employees like Jag that makes you enjoy having an account with them and being a customer. She was not just one of those “sorry, no can do, send an e-mail to this and that”-kinda person. She took action and wasn’t afraid to deliver on her promise. I like that.

The Lesson

I guess the lesson to be learned from this experience is that sometimes you might get lucky and get a hold of somebody within a company that has the ability and authority to take action – and that person, in this case, just so happened to be on Twitter!

No matter what – this certainly was a pleasant experience on top of 2,5 hours worth of trouble with an ISP Customer Support earlier this evening.

What do you think, what is the lesson to be learned here and have you ever experienced anything similar? Sound off in the comments below, just a tiny bit further down your screen…

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