Where’s my Playstation Move, Amazon…?

by Klaus on September 29, 2010

in PlayStation

This post has no other purpose than to whine, cause sometimes that’s just necessary :)

Playstation Move was scheduled to hit the streets on September 17th, and it did, just not in my country. So I ordered it a few days before from Amazon in United Kingdom. I ordered the starter pack, an extra Move controller and a Move Navigation controller.

Come Friday September 17th, I recieved three e-mails throughout the day with shipping notifications. Two of my items were sent via Royal Mail and one via Deutsche Post DHL.

Fast forward to Monday September 20th, I received the Playstation Move controller sent via Royal Mail.

Few days later, Friday September 24th, I received the Playstation Move Navigation controller sent via Deutsche Post DHL.

Now it’s September 29th and I still haven’t received the Playstation Move Starter Pack/Bundle so I can get started… so far I’m without the camera and software. How annoying.

(To  be honest, Amazon did estimate October 8th as delivery for the Starter Pack, but they did that for the Move controller as well, which arrived September 20th!!).

So, how’s everybody enjoying their Playstation Move so far? 😀

UPDATE – September 30th: It has now arrived!! It helped to publish this post, apparently :)

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