How Facebook Demonstrates the Power of Windows 8

by Guest Author on October 10, 2011

in Operating Systems

Windows 8 is not just another Windows operating system. This might be the reason why they have called it the Re-Creation of Windows. There are many users who have avoided Windows upgrades in the past. There are still many people who are using Windows 2000, for example. The new Windows 8 download, we are going to see many radical changes. You will not be able to stay in the past because of those radical changes that are happening to the way we use personal computers in the future. Many people think it is about cloud computing, when in reality it is not. We are already using cloud computing in many ways without realising this is the case. Here is a look at why you will need to upgrade and cannot stay in the past.

  • Tablets. Tablets are very practical and fast turning into the personal computer of choice for many people. They are lightweight and they are easy to carry about. The new Windows 8 upgrade was actually released as an operating system for tablets, meaning it works perfectly on tablets. Unlike Apple’s iOS, the operating system for iPads, the Windows 8 download will also work on your desktop and laptop computers. In the case of Apple, you have one operating system for your iPhone and iPad (iOS), and another operating system for laptops and desktops. Windows 8 will work on all devices, including your smartphone.
  • Multi Device. Multi device computing has never really been available. We have not been using our smartphones to do more than read our emails and rarely use them in conjunction with out personal laptops. We don’t make a presentation on our desktop and then demonstrate it on a tablet. We have been using all these devices independently. That does not make sense at all, and the Windows 8 download is about to change all that.
  • HTML5. HTML5 is the language that browsers understand. This means that we use application online without even realizing they are applications. For example, Facebook is an online application. In this case, we are using our smartphone, tablet, and laptop at home, as a single device. Our Facebook updates, when we switch devices, and it is where we left off on our laptop when we get home and were using our smartphone on the way home from work. Understand that, and you understand the importance of HTML5, and the new Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8, or the Re-Creation of Windows will allow HTML5 applications run directly on our operating system. This means a single HTML5 application will run on all of your devices. You will not have to open your browser on your smartphone, or tablet, to use Facebook, or to use it on your laptop. Now we see Facebook applications for our iPhone and our iPad, but we use our browser on our laptop. With Windows 8, it will be the same application on all devices, based on HTML5. This example of Facebook is an excellent way to demonstrate how Windows 8 is a radical change to computing. Read more about this on the Windows 8 forums.

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