Are You Tempted To Upgrade To The iPad 3?

by Guest Author on April 20, 2012

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Apple have, once again, managed to create a frenzy around their latest tablet device – the iPad 3. Smart manufacturers will always remind people who own electronic devices that they’re using the old version by assigning a number to it – Microsoft famously started this trend with Windows 95. After all if the iPad 3 was called “The Excelsior” you might not feel as motivated to upgrade but the fact that you’re currently using an iPad 2 and you know, and have seen, that the iPad 3 is available leaves you in zombie mode with one single thought in your head “…upgrade to iPad 3…” It’s like an episode of The Walking Dead but all the “walkers” want an iPad instead of wanting to eat your brains.

But you’ve only just bought the iPad 2 so how are you going to get the cash together to upgrade to iPad 3? The quickest way to solve your dilemma is to just head over to and use their online valuation form to find out how much your iPad 2 is worth to them. You could sell your old iPad (see it’s already old in your mind) to a buddy but then what do you do if anything goes wrong with it and it causes tension between you and a friend? No, it makes far more sense to just use to generate the quick cash you need to get that shiny new iPad 3 that you’ve, quite literally, been dreaming about.

The neat thing is that an upgrade to an iPad 3 with is a painless process. You complete a mailing form, they send you a postpaid mailing package to send your iPad back to them in and then a few days later you get a check in the post or cash straight into your Paypal account. Then it’s only a matter of you choosing where you’re going to buy your iPad 3 and bug your buddies with it by showing them what they don’t have themselves….a swanky new iPad.

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