How much money does Tim Cook make?

by Klaus on April 9, 2012

in Apple, Tech News

The answer is: 378 million dollars!

How’s that? Well, first he gets his salary which is 900,000 dollars, then a bonus for 900,000 dollars – that was his 2011 salary. On top of that, he has shares worth 376.2 million dollars. This package is for the next 10 years, so he’s guaranteed a good amount of money, even if the shares didn’t count for anything (but they do, oh boy they do, AAPL is over $600 now!!)

If you were working on the Foxconn factory in China, it would take you 60,919 years to make as much money as Tim Cook, according to math done by New York Time.

By the way, this also makes Tim Cook the most well paid CEO in USA. In 2nd place is Larry Ellison who, last year, cashed in 77.6 million dollars. Here’s the entire top 50 list.

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