Trend Micro vs Kaspersky – Which One Is Better?

by Guest Author on February 13, 2012

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Choosing between two leading antivirus software can be difficult as the market is highly competitive. Kaspersky and Trend Micro have been the leaders in fighting against cyber criminals. If your computer runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, then go for Kaspersky because it is mainly designed for it. Business customers can go for it as well because a version is available for Linux.

Trend Micro is strong, easy to use and provides complete protection so that you can surf the web without hesitation and without any threats of getting viruses. The cloud technology blocks access to malicious websites and also prevents malicious downloads.
There are a few golden rules when you choose an antivirus.


Security can be a bane for your computer as it slows down your usability by messing around with passwords. The additional features an antivirus has, to enhance the security for your system; the more it reduces the fun your system can provide you. Many companies have lost out there user base due to this sole reason. Kaspersky scores below Trend Micro on this aspect as it doesn’t have extravagant features that clog up the smooth functioning of your system. Kaspersky on the other hand has many features which slows down the system if activated.


The most striking feature of Trend Micro is the manual scanning process. In case of Kaspersky users have been found complaining about this very important feature i.e.; manual scan. Manual scanning is quite slow in Kasper Sky as compared to Trend Micro. This analysis shows that, when we compare both these antivirus softwares, Kaspersky’s performance is not as good as Trend Micro. Kaspersky fails to provide complete protection against attacking virus. It has also been noticed that in the process of removing virus from your computer Kaspersky makes the system bit slow. Whereas there has been no such complains about Trend Micro’s performance.


Everyday a new antivirus is being created and hence the systems need to be update with their definitions. Kaspersky has the honeypots for identifying viruses, and it updates its database according to that. However you can find one virus or the other penetrating its firewall and affecting the system.
The main aim of an antivirus is to provide protection to a system against malware. There has been a close competition in this sector between Kaspersky and Trend Micro. Both antivirus software come with specific user packs and unlike Avast and Avira, are not free. However Kaspersky beats Trend Micro here, with its product gaining more popularity for its basic malware removal technology.

How AV Comparatives Rates Them

On the other hand the first impressive feature of trend micro antivirus is that it is easy to install and very easy to handle. Antivirus should be something which fulfills its basic aim of detecting and removing malwares, spywares and viruses. The cloud technology which is found in Trend Micro does just the same. It automatically stops viruses and spywares from harming your computer.  You will receive regular security reports which will help to block spam. It has an option of parental controls which can be customized as per your requirements. The best thing about this antivirus is that it does not slow down your system.


The proficiency of antivirus software is tested on the basis of the protection it provides to the computer system. If you want to check the effectiveness of an antivirus test a newly created virus against it. Antivirus software labs in the world are working round the clock to detect new viruses through various methods and techniques. You can find a lot of computer magazines being published and issued every month. Getting knowledge and advice from these computer magazines will help you in making a proper decision while buying antivirus products.

Guest article written by: Nitesh S. You can read in-depth Trend Micro Titanium review and Kaspersky Pure review with screenshots, performance metrics which would help you know the product better. Also, view side by side comparison with Top 5 security software and know which antivirus is best for you.

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