How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

by Emily on February 27, 2013

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electronic-cigarettesElectronic cigarettes are going on their first decade on the market. They were originally invented by a Chinese chemist, and have gone on to be produced and marketed by a number of successful companies over the past decade.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes rely on a combustion process to deliver the nicotine to the user. An electronic cigarette uses an entirely different system to deliver the nicotine. The nicotine in an e-cig is in a liquid form. When an electronic cigarette is in use the liquid is heated to create a vapor which delivers the nicotine to the “smoker.”

Getting used to electronic cigarettes after years of using their tobacco counter parts may require a little adjustment. When you set out to “smoke” your electronic cigarette you won’t be looking for a match or lighter to help you “light up.” In fact, you won’t be having a smoke at all, you will be having a “vape.”

Your electronic cigarette will be battery operated. Depending on your personal preference you can have your battery activate by the press of a button, or by vacuum or sound. The battery will turn on the heating element that begins the vaporizing process.

The main working parts of an electronic cigarette: the rechargeable lithium battery, the cartomizer and the cigarette cartridge are replaceable. Most e-cig users have more than one electronic cigarette. Many carry several, as well as spare batteries, e-liquid, etc in their PCC. The components are small and easy to carry, making it easy and convenient.

To use an electronic cigarette you will have to first assemble the components. This is, of course, very easy to do. You will also have to make sure that your battery is charged and that the e-cig has sufficient e-liquid in the cartomizer. If either the e-liquid or battery power is low the e-cig will not produce much vapor, and the “vaping” experience won’t be very satisfying. If you’re wondering the benefits of vaping from a portable vaporizer.

Depending on the type of activation your battery has (a button, vacuum activated, or sound activated). To have a “vape” (the term e-cig users use for a “smoke”) the battery must be activated. Once the battery is activated the heating element will begin to convert the e-liquid to a vapor. Unlike a tobacco cigarette, a BLU cig e-cig will produce the same amount of vapor whether or not you draw on it. To get the most satisfactory nicotine delivery draw on it long and slow.

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