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by Guest Author on February 2, 2013

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For many small businesses that are technologically savvy simply take up their telecommunication answer more than just the usual lines of telephone with a whole lot of private branch exchange. Such systems are known as the PBXs offer users with advanced telecommunication functions ranging from the simple call transfer as well as music on hold services in order to advance the voicemail notification features. Here are top 5 benefits of PBX phone systems outlined briefly.

1- Facility of Main Number and DID Numbers

One of the main functions of private exchange in accordance with the PBX service provides is by giving the only incoming number for telephones. Customers, employees as well as the other clients could surely dial into the PBX from any sort of telephone as well as employees of the office being equipped with a PBX and can easily transfer calls when needed. Apart from the main number, most of the PBX systems support some the direct incoming dial or DID number for every telephone that is connected. This feature simply lets their employees to have the direct access telephone number apart from the inward line.

2- Transfer Facility to Connect to Concerned Depart Only

The private exchange software uses single application or server in order to process the functions of telecommunications. According to Panasonic, as the PBX manufacturer, the PBX server mainly enables a number of functions that is not available for the single-line systems. One PBX feature simply lets users make calls directed from on PBX extension to another, the transfer feature that lets users connect the callers with the right employee department.

3- Conferencing Facility by Merging Additional Extensions to Main One

Apart from transferring calls to any other extensions, PBX systems usually let the users to add up another internal extension of the existing conversation. The server simply enables such function, known as conferencing, by making use of the software in order to merge additional extension to the existing conversation. Depending upon the kind of PBX system being used, the users could add up to many different parties into the single type of conversation.

4- Hold Facility to Suspend Calls Temporarily without Terminating It

For the reason that the PBX systems are using the central service in order to process the calls, users could now suspend the calls temporarily by putting them on hold. Whenever the user presses the button to hold on the telephone connected to a PBX, the PBX software switch removes the call from the phone of the user without even terminating the connection of the caller. On the equipped system, according to Panasonic, the PBX switch could surely divert the call being held to the software routine playing the music stored as the digital files on the switch or input from the external outsource.

5- Voicemail to Intercept Busy or Unanswered Calls

Whenever a call comes to the direct line of PBX user, the PBX software would switch the status of the call. When the line of the user is in use or if the user doesn’t answer the call, its switch software could surely direct the caller into the handset’s voice mailbox. In accordance to the credentials on the Asterisk open resource software of PBX, the private branch of voicemail exchange could surely intercept unanswered or busy calls, take the messages and carry out a good host of many features. Some of the voicemail being equipped for PBX, the system could take such service a step further by notifying the users of new messages in the form of text messages or email and some other systems being attached in an audio file of the voice message for such notices.

Before you move ahead it is better to have a look at online reviews and comparisons of PBX providers in order to get the best virtually hosted PBX to cater your communication needs.

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Tim Potter February 6, 2013 at 09:40

I use a PBX with my google voice and use it for business. These are some awesome tips to help me with routing of calls and making my phone time more productive.

Thank You
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