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by Guest Author on February 3, 2013

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If you haven’t heard by now, Google Authorship is the new mechanism by Google which seemingly helps to rank your site better in the world’s largest search engine.

What is it?

This is Google’s method of assigning an author to the content which has been posted in their search engine. To take this one step further, having authorship is also Google’s way of giving you the ‘thumbs up as what you are offering is of quality. Below is a snapshot of the concept I’m referring to:

How Do I have my picture in Google?

While some may tell you that you need to understand website coding such as the rel=”author” tag, I say, let’s keep this simple and avoid the unnecessary confusion. I will explain how to establish your authorship in three easy steps.  Before I jump in, I must remind inform you that the only prerequisite for this lesson is that you need a Google + profile as the content will need to link to your profile. If you haven’t set one up, click here.

Note: This tutorial is for WordPress including the Genesis Framework.

1. Attach your Google+ Profile

Under the user screen in your WordPress dashboard, click edit user and under ‘contact info’ there should be an empty option box where you can insert the Google+ link to your account. When you are pasting, make sure the link looks like this:

I have included a snapshot from the WordPress dashboard to ensure you are on the right track:

2. Add a ‘Contributor to’ link in Google+

So now that your WordPress link is done, now we need to head over to your Google + profile and establish a link to ensure Google+ knows you are the author for the website. Go to Edit Profile, then scroll to the bottom where you can edit the ‘contributor to’ area.

In this section, simply add the link to your website via the ‘Add custom link’. Your profile should look like this if you have completed this step correctly:

3. Test it

In order to be completely sure that you’ve set it up correctly, we need to test it. Luckily for us, Google offers a free tool – Structured Data Testing Tool which will check whether the two connections are syncing.

If you have done this correctly, the sample link of your blog post should present you with a photo of yourself (see image below) with the standard text ‘The excerpt from this page etc”

If you see your profile photo as shown above, you’ll start to see the same photo appear next to all of your posts in Google (including how many Google+ connections you have in your Circles). Trust me, having your image next to your content will get you more site visitors.  While your existing articles won’t immediately show your profile photo, all future posts will but give Google a few days to register your Authorship before you start to Google yourself :-)

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