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by Guest Author on June 11, 2013

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twitter-max-140-charsSo today and from now we live in a modern era, where being socially active has a lot of role to play in your business, especially if you work online. So you fellows might be knowing, that Twitter is the most powerful social tool now at the moment for making things work and really advertising for a product or service to highly targeted people and users But yes, Twitter also has a disadvantage, it wouldn’t allow you to write a tweet more than 140 characters. So here is a short trick which would help you to write tweets, more than 140 chars. So let’s begin.

The most basic solutions to this are the websites that allow you to create posts, with no character limit or so, and then you could paste that link in your tweet. But hey, that would make users to have quit twitter window, and trust me only 10% of the people would read that. So here is the best alternative available for writing and tweeting more than 140 characters.

Using Tall Tweets:

So excited to know what does this app do? Well it would partition your tweets into multiple tweets, and display them in a top to down order, so that it is readable with any Twitter app. Also you could choose to tweet an image and hence you could write as many characters you want to your hearts content. But my personal favourite is Tall Tweets, as your followers could read all the tweet in a single place, and in any client they use. This offers readability and versatility too. So lets have a look at how could you use this service.


How to Use it:

So here’s how to use this awesome service. Go to, and all you need to do is to Sign In with your Twitter account. And just write the tweet, may or maybe 140 chars long, and just strike that “Publish” button. The app would post on behalf of you, on your Twitter. And it would appear in the Tweet feeds of your followers.

And yes, you have successfully posted and tweeted, more than 140 characters and that too #like a boss. I hope this helped :)

Guest article written by: Umpreet, at 17 loves to write about new technology trends. Also see his upcoming project for Rooting Android Phones.

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