The best browser against Malware, is…

by Klaus on May 21, 2013

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internet_explorer_8_logo… Microsoft Internet Explorer!

That’s what NSS Labs claims. In a test, they fired malware against five popular browsers to see which browser holds up the most.

The five browsers in the test were: Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 25/26, Apple Safari 5, Mozilla Firefox 19 and Opera 12.

In the test, Internet Explorer managed to block more than 99% of all the malware. Far more than any other browser.

Second place went to Chrome, which managed a “block rate” of just 83%.
Safari and Firefox blocked 10% and Opera 12 less than 2%.

However, it’s not just that simple. As the report says: “[…] however, further analysis is necessary to explain adequately the difference in 99.96% and 83.16% protection rates between Internet Explorer and Chrome. These differences in protection are far from linear.”.

To learn more, download the free report from NSS Labs.

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