4 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In HTML5

by Klaus on August 10, 2017

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Today, HTML5 is the preferred web technology for web developers who want to design a good looking, interactive, and functional websites. It has solved many of the web-related problems that previous versions were suffering from and there are many HTML5-based games and applications that are widely used by millions of users. But like with everything, there are challenges down the road when learning something new, and HTML5 is no exception when it comes to this. This guide will round up five of the most common mistakes that rookies make in HTML5, as well as the ways to correct them.

MIME Type Declaration

MIME, which stands for “Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions“, was first built for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which describes the content of emails. More recently though, web browsers started using MIME type to figure out the type of media file and how to proceed with it. Basically, the MIME type declaration instructs the browser on how to display the files that are incompatible with HTML. So if you’re looking to avoid a lot of weird characters appearing on your webpage, it’s extremely important to declare the MIME type.

Image Alt Attribute

For those users who have disabled their browser images, the Alt attribute gives an alternative source of information. The same goes for user agents who can’t view images on their browsers. The common mistake is that you’d forget to associate each image with the Alt attribute, which would ultimately result in decreased accessibility for your website. By using the Alt attribute correctly you’ll make images simpler to read and also improve SEO for your website. By using the right code, you’ll make sure that the title attribute displays when you hover your cursor over that specific image.

Title Attribute for Links

Similar to image Alt Attribute, adding title attribute is important because it gives an insight about the linked page to the users. If used correctly, title attribute improves usability, accessibility and brings many of the SEO perks to your website. It’s also a vital part of figuring out whether a certain link is good or rubbish, which is something you can easily manipulate. That’s why experts like Webdel WordPress Developer Sydney suggest to always make the link appear great, so make sure to add a couple of correct keywords related to the linked content and also add a title, which again should contain keywords related to the content.

Not Using Automating Processes

Web developers spend a lot of time creating web content, which usually means typing a lot or doing repetitive tasks. Not only will you get tired and start thinking of your profession as meaningless, but you’ll also lose value when compared to developers who are doing the same work for a shorter amount of time. Did you know that you can reduce the time and mistakes by automating some of the processes? For example, you can use Quark to instantly preview how your content will look when published, or you can use Grunt to automate such things as minifying of files.


There are a lot of things that separate a rookie from a pro when it comes to HTML5, and everyone wants to be in the latter group. By avoiding these five mistakes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and you’ll advance way faster in your web development career. Keep in mind that even the most advanced coders make mistakes, so don’t get stressed over it, but rather try to minimize them. And when you actually do make a mistake, try to learn from it – because the experience is the most valuable skill you can have when it comes to coding.

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