How to collate all consumer data without spending more than the stipulated budget?

by Emily on November 5, 2017

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Events and conference are ubiquitous to almost all businesses. Companies that organize B2B and B2C conferences to introduce new products and services see a higher ROI than those which do not put in the effort to interact with their target customers. However, a recent study shows that businesses may be losing out on their targeted returns by not utilizing all the consumer data available.

Answering the key question

Well, according to the experts, most businesses would benefit more by using available technologies and tools to gather data from clients, customers, and participants directly. The best way to do this is to create a native UI that people can install and exploit on their devices. In other words, applications for mobile phones. This preserves their privacy and at the same time conveys the required contact information and registration details to the organizers.

Om-spot payment processes

Wireless technology now allows people to access the world of easy one-touch payments as well. While the conventional registration process involves pen and paper at kiosks, touchscreen technology at the conference site or pre-registration on websites, the new world of application introduces instant signup and registration options for the attendees. The RFID technology can support check-in, payments and badge printing for all participants.

Compatibility is critical

Applications do not make much sense unless they are compatible with all mobile devices and OS X. All organizers and managers need to put forth registration options that can run on latest versions of Android and iOS. In fact, almost 97% of conference attendees have smartphones, and they love to use apps for their daily activities. People use apps for paying bills, buying medication as well as ordering pizza. Leveraging the trend of the mobile application automatically opens a world of new possibilities for all conference organizers and event managers.

Elevate the experience

Mobile applications can now create a smarter, more personalized and a better experienced for all participants. The staffs are better informed about VIP arrival and bookings. They get the chance to meet and greet the VIP at the gate or reception area at the time of their arrival. Different versions of the same app for volunteers and attendees can help them give better service and experience a more personalized service respectively.

Promote connectivity

Planning and event applications coupled with survey forms allow the attendees to send instant feedback to the organizers. In fact, if one of your LEDs is malfunctioning or there is some connectivity loss of Wi-Fi, quick feedback from one user can relay the information to the concerned authority. The age of information and technology helps business owners, organizers, and marketers to offer a better experience for everyone. The idea is to maintain a streamlined flow of real-time information that feeds into a database and stored for analysis.

Applications for events, market research, event surveys, group discussions and training sessions give all marketers and entrepreneurs the chance to monetize their events. In addition to the distinct advantages, you can find in-application sponsors that can drive brand awareness and purchase intent. Check out services de technologies en événementiel for your chance at planning more successful events.

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Gadgets Guy November 5, 2017 at 13:49

Hi Emily,
This is such an informative article on consumer data. Will use it to grow my business. Keep it up.


Rodney Nichols November 15, 2017 at 00:09

i love this blog and there are alot of key ideal here that i love. when using technology it is the best form to get to people now of days. Everyone has a smart phone now and technology is taking over. Giving the people the able to use their smart phone with this is a game chager that i love. What other key things you think is also needed to make this work?



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