Greater Focus on Elderly Tech at CES 2017

by Klaus on July 21, 2017

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Tech gadgets have mostly been targeted at the young, tech-savvy generation, but there are signs indicating this trend is about to shift in favor of senior citizens. According to an article in Forbes, the aging-in-place tech market is estimated to reach $30 billion in 2017. This expectation is clearly evident in the growing presence of technology for elderly people at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are some senior tech gadgets that generated great interest during the show.

Smart Walking Stick

Fayet, a French company that has been making walking sticks since 1909, introduced a next-generation connected walking stick that is able to monitor the movements of its users and alert their caretakers if they fall. It is also equipped with software that can learn the walking habits of its owner over time and send messages to his or her family members or relatives and healthcare professionals if it detects dramatic changes. The smart walking stick on display at the CES was only a prototype, and it is expected to be launched sometime this year.

Connected Hearing Aids

Joining the revolutionary walking stick were a number of new tech gadgets for seniors with hearing problems. Among them was the first Internet-connected hearing aid in the world. Developed by Oticon, this device is able to communicate with doorbells, smoke detectors, and other devices with smart capability. It also comes with multiple speakers to enable its user to hear better in noisy places. Another hearing aid called Halo was also on display at the show. It can be controlled using an app on an Apple device to answer phone calls, adjust volume, and stream music.

Other Interesting Devices for Seniors

There were also many devices that were developed to meet the health needs of elderly people. These included an under-the-mattress sensor for monitoring heart rate, breathing, stress, and sleep patterns; a tool for conducting eye tests using a smartphone; and a leg strap with neural stimulation capability for easing chronic pain. To make life more pleasant for seniors, tech companies also introduced a companion robot for seniors, a special mattress for preventing snoring, and other innovative devices.

Many elderly people face considerable challenges in their daily lives, and technology is playing an important role in improving their health, safety, and quality of life.

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