Tips to Maximize Fuel Economy of Your Truck

by Klaus on November 7, 2017

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Pickup trucks are a great choice for people who want a powerful and utility-friendly vehicle. And, these also run their best only if they are maintained properly. So, here are some tips for you to keep your pickup truck in the best condition:

Check The Tires: Aligning and keeping your tires inflated saves a lot of fuel as it reduces the amount of drag your car engine overcomes. Try to install LRR (low rolling resistance) tires. By reducing rolling percentage by some 10 percent it can improve your car mileage to about one to two percent.

Keep Your Vehicle Up-To-Date: It doesn’t require anything fancy. Only if you take care of basic things like replacing spark plugs and changing engine oil at regular intervals, you can increase the efficiency of the car. This will not just take care of the longevity of your truck but will also minimize emission and thereby improve your fuel economy.

Keep Track of Mileage: If your vehicle’s mileage suddenly drops down means it’s a signal for you to take your car to a garage and get the engine check done. To calculate mileage always keep a check of the gallons filled with the distance traveled. Some drivers use swapping techniques to improve mileage. A great example for it is a ford cummins swap that is popular among pickup truck drivers.

Here are some of the ways which can impact your vehicle’s mileage depending upon your drive:

1.       Don’t Keep Your Truck Idle for More Than 60 Seconds: Whenever you start your truck, it burns extra fuel. Having said that if you keep it for more than a minute than it burns more gas than turning off and starting your vehicle’s engine again. Modern day car’s come with “stop-start” feature through which, you can switch off and turn on automatically by taking your foot off the brakes. However, this feature only comes in the latest hybrid cars only.

2.       Drive Moderately: The green signal that it shows as soon as you speed up is not a healthy sign for the health of your ride and environment both. Driving fast doesn’t only bring down your truck’s mileage but also increases emissions as well. Driving around 60-70mph can cut your truck’s gas consumption by around 20 percent.

The above ways can help you save your money at the petrol pumps. However, the best way to do it is by using a public transport system as it will also help you save the environment and can put your over-dependence on oil as well. Here are some ways through which you can cut down on your fuel needs as well as help the environment as well:

1.       Keep Moving, Drive Less: Carpool, Bike, Walk or using a public transportation can help you save your money as well as the environment.

2.       Buy Fuel Efficient Vehicle: Make sure when you buy your next vehicle this point should top your agenda list. This will help you achieve your fuel saving targets.

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Kostas Chiotis August 9, 2018 at 16:30

Very useful tips here, especially about keeping driving moderately and keeping engine healthy. Also, regular maintenance and cleaning will help you reduce on fuel use!



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