Few Momentous Ways To Market Your Dream App Using Social Media

by Guest Author on September 4, 2017

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If you have developed an app for your business and want to get it noticed by the users and customers then it is the right time to promote your app on app stores. You can make it happen by bringing awareness and interest among users.

With thousands of apps in the app stores, it is daunting to get your app recognizable. At that time, you will realize that developing the app is the only startup of your journey. The consequential phase is about to come when you launch and promote your app on app stores. Actually, it takes a lot of time and effort to take your app towards pinnacle and for that, you need to implement proven digital marketing strategies.

Marketing techniques are crucial to achieve download goals and seriously it takes a huge amount of effort to make it happen successfully. Stats says, as of January 2017, around 2.2 million apps were available in the app store and over 2.5 million solely in Google Play Store. This ratio is pretty staggering and expected to grow in upcoming years. So, if you’re sitting calmly and thinking that the users will magically turn to your app, it is your misunderstanding. You need to think again as in this fierce competition, it is not possible to migrate the app users magically to your recently launched app.

Being an app owner, you need to prepare a strong mobile app marketing plan and social media will definitely help you to do this seamlessly. Social media channels provide to the app developers and owners a golden chance to build a robust audience base by consuming less time and effort. Inarguably, social media is an effective strategy for marketers to publicize their app and make it viral among app users. Here, we published this blog to make marketers aware of the social media tactics to advertise an app.

Let us have a cursory look at the most recommended social media strategies to market your app:


Facebook, most of you are well-aware of this social media channel. It is ruling the chart as the most visited and used social media platforms. Facebook can be considered as one of the sought after platforms when it comes to promoting an app across the world. To start with it, you simply need to create a page for your app and distribute it to a group of people where you want to advertise your app. Creating a Facebook is an ultimate way to create a buzz or gain credibility and real-time feedback from users. You can create your page with an attractive call to action which assists your app to be visible among a group of interested people.


Today, Twitter is used by marketers to directly interact with users. However, this platform is sometimes restricted from uploading long content over there, but you can use it as an inquiry channel. Like, you can mention your achievements there, ask users what more they want in your app and inform them regarding the updates of your app. The best part is you can put competitions and run polls on Twitter to make your app more famous among users. One can also create personalized polls that pave the way to thank visitors by name.


Google+ is a powerful social media platform which affects your app’s ranking on Google search. If you remain proactive and engaged with relevant businesses, Google+ will transform your visits to higher Google ranking. Though there are plenty of advantages using Google+ as a promotional channel, but the outstanding one is its built-in power that takes your app to the organic search engines. Like Facebook and Twitter, you can use hashtags to highlight your text created for promotional activities. If you are confused how to create hashtags that are relevant to your app, don’t worry, Google+ has the auto-create hashtags ability.


Instagram is the next most famous and visual social media platform which is just as effective as Twitter and Facebook. Here, you can create a collage and combine photos that truly illustrate your app and its functionality. It is the platform where your app can get seen by millions of users. Along with images, you can put links and short videos that better translate your app features. By doing so, you can gain uncountable followers for your mobile app. Further, this can help you make your app viral across the market.

Final Words:

Social media is definitely a cost-effective strategy of publicizing the app over the web. You can choose any one of the social media platforms to advertise your app but make sure that you prepare captivating content and create interactions to make your app viral. Using social media for app promotion is a modern approach and allows marketers to monitor each step with utmost precision.

Guest article written by: Tom Hardy has hands on experience as a SEO Expert. He currently works at Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Services Company and offers exceptional SEO auditing services to the global clientele. Also, he writes informative blogs and articles on varied SEO related subjects and helps readers know the best tips how to optimize a website over the web using SEO tools and techniques. 

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