The Top 4 Methods for Packaging Line Quality Control Automation

by Guest Author on September 5, 2017

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You’re probably here because you’ve lost a lot of money on labels with errors, blistering, barcodes with errors, missing seals, embarrassing typos and many other common packaging and labeling defects. Besides being such a daunting task, it’s a huge waste of time and money when your packaging quality control automation doesn’t really work well for you.

But look on the bright side, you’ve finally realized it’s time to change something, so better sooner than later!

Let’s have a look at some automation methods for your Packaging Quality Control Line. Be sure to read all the way to the end, the best is saved for last!

1. Eliminate unnecessary product waste with sensors

Sensors are getting more and more sophisticated with eliminating different parameters, so their use in various industries is largely growing. Beside helping you keep your automated packaging quality control line in synchronization, sensors can be set up with a number of advanced detection abilities.

You might be already using sensors, but since when? Maybe it’s time for an update to a more advanced system of sensors. Plus, they’re not even that much of an investment, at least compared to the money they can save you.

GlobalVision and Esko Automation Engine has the available tools for automating packaging quality control.

2. Eliminate improperly filled containers with checkweighers

Seriously? You’re not automating the weighing of your products on the packaging line? You must be losing a lot of time and money. It’s time to invest in a low cost solution of checkweighers and a reject station.

Not only will you automate your packaging quality control process, but you will reduce product waste and save on those containers instead of having them finish as a useless piece of waste.

3. Automate label and container inspection with a machine vision system

A machine vision system can not only help you reduce waste, save time and money; it can also help you improve your overall packaging line quality control process. A robust machine vision systems can inspect your labels, date codes, colors, container quality and more. They also capture events and collect data, to help you improve your packaging quality control process.

Although a machine vision system would require a bit of a bigger investment, it’s definitely a worth it, considering the benefits.

4. Automated Proofreading of your labels and content

Labels and their content are extremely important in most industries. Printing labels with errors has cost many companies a lot of money. Many businesses still take the manual approach to inspecting label content and verifying barcodes thinking that’s the safest way. But human error is the worst.

Automated proofreading software with integrated barcode inspection and other packaging quality control tools is the way to go if you don’t want to lose any more money on labels and codes with errors. This type of software ensures a print job is sent to the printer free of errors so you can bid farewell to all losses of resources, time, and money. It is integrated into your workflow and inspection is carried out at each stage of the label and barcode creation.

Automating the proofreading process is also a bigger investment, but seeing it guarantees maximum risk reduction and time efficiency, you’re sure you’ll have your maximum return on investment.

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