7 Top Online Survey Sites For Money

by Emily on March 30, 2018

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When taking a survey you will often be asked to answer some personal questions.
You need to be honest when answering these questions. These companies are looking for people that fit a specific profile. They may ask some verification questions as well to make sure you are being truthful.
If you tell a lie you may miss out on an opportunity. You do not know what the survey is looking for.
Make sure the Free Online Survey is Legitimate
There are many scams out there are they are not always easy to identify.
There are some great free survey sites that I visit daily. They are trustworthy and are some of the best sites on the internet.
Tricks to identify survey scams:
The commission per survey is very high. If you are offered $50 for 10 minutes of your time this is often a warning sign. You cannot make a full time job out of taking online surveys. It is a good way to make some extra spending money.
If there is an upfront fee required this is another warning sign. A legitimate survey site will not ask for money.
Surveys that come out of random places are a scam. If you get a random email from an address you do not know it is most likely spam.
I’ve pulled out some website for you to consider but first I strongly recommend you to check Jay’s guide “Free Online Surveys For Money
These 7 free online survey sites are some of the best ones on the internet. They are free to use and you can earn some extra money today.
1) Swagbucks
This site will allow you to earn gift cards for Amazon or you can get a check in the mail.
You will get points for taking surveys, watching videos, performing internet searches using this site. You can also earn to shop online.
I have already redeemed my points for $50 in Amazon gift cards.
2) Vindale Research
This is one of the best sites. You can earn some money by taking a couple of surveys every week.
This is one of the best for the time spend on the surveys and the payout. You can see how much you will make and how much time the survey will take before you begin.
I do the surveys that pay between $2 and $20.
3) OneOpinion
You will get points even if you do not qualify for the survey. These points can then be traded in for rewards such as a Visa Debt Card.
You can also have your earnings send to your Paypal account.
4) EarningsStation
This site is similar to Swagbaucks. You can make money by watching videos, taking surveys, and doing some online shopping. This is a nice way to kill some time and earn some money.
5) American Consumer Opinion
This site is very straightforward. You take surveys and earn rewards for your participation.
6) Survey Downline
On this site you earn money by taking surveys. You can get up to $20 a survey and will receive invitations to participating in your email. Once you earn $20 you can have the money sent to your  Paypal account.
7) Survey Junkie 
You will need to set up a profile with some personal information before you take a survey. This information will be used to allow you to take surveys that are relevant to you.
Each survey pays between $1 and $3. This is not much money but if you do a couple of surveys a day by the end of the month you will be able to use this money to pay a bill or go out.

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