How Is The Hike POS Software? Find Out With This Review

by Emily on December 27, 2018

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Hike is relatively new in the POS software market that has been doing extremely well ever since its launch. Currently, Hike has customers in over 70 countries which is an impressive feat although it has not been around for too long. But is it truly a remarkable system as it is advertised to be? Or should you opt for a better POS system that is more established? Read the review of Hike to find out whether it is a good fit for your business or whether it is better to think about another POS software for your business.

What Hike POS Software Offers

Hike POS is made for any retail online store. This makes Hike practical to use by various businesses and industries.

  • You get to choose from three plans and these are as follows:
    • Start-Up plan: This costs $49 per month and gives you inventory control, reporting feature, unlimited products, integrations, customer profiles, and 1 register license. It is great for a start-up company as it has all the features required except for the gift cards and loyalty program.
    • One Store plan: You can get this plan for $79 per month. Everything from the Start-up plan is included in this plan along with some additional features. These include loyalty, advanced reporting ability, gift cards, and user performance.
    • Multi-Store plan: This plan by Hike costs $129 per month and lets you have multiple outlets. It provides you with One store plan features and some more features. For example, it gives you the ability to manage multi-location inventory, central dashboard, central products, and more.
  • For the start-up plan and the multi-store plan, you can get additional registers at $29 per month which is affordable for businesses.
  • Hike allows you to sync with any card system that you might already have or you can integrate it with PayPal or Vantiv.
  • You can easily use the Hike POS online or offline as this functionality is available. It is cloud-based and can be used with PCs, iPads, and Macs.
  • The size of businesses does not matter as Hike can handle big businesses that have are in various locations; up to 100 locations.
  • You get to choose from a plethora of add-ons and integrations. These include WooCommerce, Xero, Magento 2.0, QuickBooks and so on. You don’t have to pay for the integrations.
  • Hike POS software has some security options such as the unique user pin, monitoring triggers, and open drawer information. These can be quite practical and useful for your business.
  • Hike has customer support where you can reach them via live chat option, telephone, or email. There are blogs available from Hike which help you with understanding Hike better.
  • You can find Hike on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can find videos about Hike and its features which can help you learn about the various features.

It Is Time To Decide

Hike has lots of features that make it one of the best POS systems created until now. The prices are affordable and with the functionality that Hike provides, it is a good deal. You get to have important inventory functions that are necessary for a successful business. Many users have appreciated the appointment booking feature of Hike software. Hike does provide decent reporting features which are good if you always want an update as to how you are doing in your business. You get an uncomplicated system that you can try for 14 days before you make a choice.

Some of the concerns that people have had with Hike POS software is in the customer service aspect. Many customers have complained about being unable to get the support they needed from the customer service of Hike as their problem was not solved. Other customers have complained about the difficulty in understanding the purchasing process which was more complicated than necessary. A few users have their doubts regarding the inability to integrate Hike with something powerful like Shopify. This can be a hindering factor for some.

While Hike is a comparatively new Point of sale in the market, you can opt for a provider more established like Shopify. Shopify has more experience and is a larger company that will meet all your business’s demands. Shopify is known for its extensive customer support enabling start-ups and large businesses alike to make the most of its POS system. Whenever you have a query, you can reach Shopify’s customer support and resolve all queries. There are already over 600,000 businesses that are powered by Shopify and the number is only increasing with time.

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