Why Does Inbound Marketing Rake in More Profits As Compared to Outbound Marketing?

by Guest Author on January 2, 2018

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Marketing and lead generation complete each other. When we say marketing, we are referring to a plethora of methods and strategies that fall under the broad category of marketing. The old school practices of marketing include the outbound methods. Newer methods include inbound techniques that are more technologically aligned and more efficient.

Why is outbound marketing fading out?

Outbound marketing usually consists of direct approaches that include direct mails, cold calling and even offline methods like trade shows and TVCs. These seem somewhat disruptive in a fast-paced world that does not have much time for broad gauge strategies. People, who do not have any interest in the products or services, are not likely to be impressed by advertisements and promotions out of the blue. Although outbound marketing can reach a broader audience group, they usually have much lower conversion rates.

How is inbound marketing gaining more success?

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is highly specific. The primary aim of this kind of a strategy is only to target those, who have already shown some interest in the products and the services. These can be people, who have offered their email addresses for subscribing to regular updates, or those who have signed up for email marketing (offers and promotions via emails) against access to complete content or HD videos from a site. Either way, they have voluntarily offered to be parts of various kinds of promotions or campaigns, since they relate to some website, brand, product or service they like.

Some forms of marketing disrupt

Think of it this way. You are watching your favorite show online, and suddenly an unskippable advertisement pops up. This ad shows all kinds of attractive offers on home loans, debt consolidation, credit score repair services and tax consultation services. However, you have never shown any interest in any of these services, and you are not even thinking of taking out another loan. Such an unwarranted interruption of your favorite show it obviously going to annoy you, and in the future, you will always think of this particular brand with a certain amount of disdain.

Marketing that aligns with customer intent

Contrary to that situation, say you are searching for home loan or auto loan options. You find credit repair leads service ads on the Google Sponsored Ads sections or you find consolidation loan companies on your Facebook Ad suggestions. Since search engines and even social networks now study customer behavior trends, it is easy for them to track your recent interests. These are relevant and timely as per your searches, so instead of being annoyed, you are relieved to find reliable credit repair services and loan consultancy services within your reach.

No matter what you are trying to sell, you can only grab a person’s attention if there is any possibility of attracting his interest in the first place. Right now, social networking platforms, blogging platforms, discussion forums, and podcasts are potent tools that can find a relevant market for your brand and your target audience.

Guest article written by: Kristina Johansson has been working with some of the leading marketing companies. Her work on the methods of inbound marketing and their effectiveness on credit repair leads services is nothing less than groundbreaking.

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