Internet Explorer 8 Verlängert Laptop Battery Life

durch Klaus auf November 21, 2009

in Green Tech

internet_explorer_8_logoWer hätte gedacht,, es gibt tatsächlich etwas, das Internet Explorer 8 ist besser als die anderen Browser :)

Wenn es um die Lebensdauer der Batterie auf Ihrem Laptop, Surfen mit Internet Explorer 8 ist wahrscheinlich folgendes anbieten 8% mehr Minuten für das Surfen mit Firefox, als wenn 3.5.2. Safari 4 in Windows ist die schlimmste Kombination geben nur 184 Minuten Surfzeit in den Tests von Anandtech gemacht, wo Internet Explorer 8 kommt bei 227 Minuten.

Firefox mit dem AdBlock Plugin installiert wird nahe kommen IE8, mit 222 Minuten, vor Chrome und Opera 9.64. Take away AdBlock und Firefox geht unter sowohl Chrome und Opera.

Die Schlussfolgerung Anandtech scheint, dass der Internet Explorer werden 8 sieht eine gute Balance von Features werden, Leistung und Akkulaufzeit.

Ich, für einen, sind nicht zu starten den Internet Explorer, um mehr Browsing Zeit erhalten aus den folgenden Gründen:

  1. Ich habe selten verwenden Sie den Akku in meinem Laptop sowieso. Das erinnert mich, Ich sollte wohl bald Kalibrieren meine Batterie.
  2. Ich bin zu allen meinen Firefox Add-ons süchtig.
  3. Ich bin auf einem Mac, so Internet Explorer 8 ist nicht die beste Wahl des Browsers für mich.

Was ist mit dir, würden Sie die Umstellung auf Internet Explorer 8 um zu retten mehr Leistung oder Welchen Browser Sie derzeit & warum? Hinterlasse einen Kommentar unten!

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Sandesh November 21, 2009 bei 17:47

IE may extent the battery life but its the slowest of the browsers.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 21, 2009 bei 21:26

Das ist wahr :)
(oder, I like to believe it is)


DiTesco November 21, 2009 bei 19:33

That’s new to me. I thought that it was completely the opposite. I use FireFox and I am never going back to IE8, unless they come up with a IE9 that will make me fall in love again, regardless if it saves me more battery life or not. In my equation, I loose more time with IE8 than FireFox when browsing, so what good is having more battery time?
.-= DiTesco den letzten Blog ..Blog Engage: A Blogging Community That Pays Off = -.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 21, 2009 bei 21:27

I didn’t bother, noch, to check out the videos available on IE9. But I hope, for the sake of PC users that just browse with the standard browser, that IE9 will be better than previous versions. IE8 is definitely better than IE7, but I still don’t think it’s as good as Firefox.


Christie November 21, 2009 bei 21:09

Hah – Sandesh and DiTesco you beat me to it. :) I was going to say that sure, IE may allow you a little more time with your battery, but if you’re browsing with IE, you’re gonna NEED it!
.-= Christies letzter Blog ..Ruhig! Trying to think here! = -.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 21, 2009 bei 21:29

I’m glad to report that 54% of my readers use Firefox, 23% Safari and 12% Internet Explorer. Safari is surely scoring that high cause I have some Apple-related posts that gets quite a lot of traffic.


Kiran November 22, 2009 bei 03:35

Interessant. But not enough to deter me from using my fav, Firefox :)

If I need to extend my laptop battery life, I would just plug in the cord into power supply. Certainly not give up my Firefox and the addons! One tip that was given to me a long time ago by a tech support is to not plug your power adapter 24 7 into your laptop. First purchase, power it up for 24 hours for full charge. Danach, only recharge when it’s required. Never over-recharge or keep the hardware on a charging mode all the time.
.-= Kirans letzten Blog ..I needed a break from = -.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 22, 2009 bei 20:36

Good call Kiran, stick with Firefox, Ich mag, dass :)


Phaoloo November 22, 2009 bei 05:00

I hate IE though still keep it on my computer to test web designs and for some apps use IE engine to show web content. Agree that it’s quite slow, prefer Firefox and Opera.
.-= Phaoloo den letzten Blog ..Auslogics Antivirus: Comprehensive Anti-virus And Anti-spyware Protection = -.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 22, 2009 bei 20:36

I have IE in my Windows installation as well, but it always takes forever to boot because of all the Windows updates all the time, since it can easily be a few weeks between each boot.


Alan @ Basin Glass Co. November 22, 2009 bei 06:34

I use Linux so Firefox is my best option (I can’t use IE) but whne I had a mac or Windows I didn’t use it either; actually I havent used it for about 6 oder 7 Jahr (whenever it was that Safari came out). I just became tired of all the problems it had: CSS wouldn’t load properly and it was open to so many viruses and vulnerabilities. Firefox plugins are amazing too so the 8% of battery life doesn’t really justify using IE.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 22, 2009 bei 20:37

Let’s hope that IE9 will bring Internet Explorerback into the gameso that we don’t have to take special care for IE browsers when doing our web development.


Sunny Bhasin November 22, 2009 bei 19:04

Hallo Klaus :) :)
As you are also addicted to Firefox Addons , same prob is with me also ;)
I use Flock Browser which also supports these addons , so what would you like to say about Flock??? :) :)
.-= Sunny Bhasin´s last blog ..Go Green with Your Wordpress Blog = -.


@ Klaus TechPatio November 22, 2009 bei 20:38

Hi Sunny,

I’m afraid I don’t know Flock :( It sounds familar to me, but I haven’t tried it I’m afraid.

I tried to use Safari as my main browser once, it went well for a few weeks, loved how fast it was compared to Firefox. But eventually, I missed my Firefox plugins too much and switched back to Firefox again.
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio den letzten Blog ..iPhone freie Woche: Warm-up auf meine "iPhone durch Tätowierung ersetzt"-Experiment = -.


Michael Aulia November 23, 2009 bei 00:53

I don’t understand how using a different browser can actually extend the battery life O_Ois it the colouring? lol
.-= Michael Aulia den letzten Blog ..Be secure with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 = -.


neo November 23, 2009 bei 11:55

tats good from mircosoft but will it make a difference? .. probably we can have this as a secondary browser ,might come in handy wen the battery level is low.
.-= Neo letzter Blog .. = -.



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