Simple tips to make your articles Search Engine friendly

by Guest Author on September 22, 2010

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If you are a blogger then do spend your time to read the tips given below as it can help in optimizing the article. I am not saying it because I want a reader but I want a successful blogger. I am sure most of you would write for readers but the articles must be written for search engines as well. Got surprised? Well, let me explain, there are certain ways which can help your articles rank better than others and naturally brings more readers through search engines. Here are few simple ways which you must follow when you post on your blog. Here goes the small but useful list…


This is the most important part as it plays the vital role in terms of attracting spiders and readers. The heading of the post goes as the URL of the post as well so it means the spiders will read this. Make sure you add all your targeted keywords in the URL but do not make it a mess. Add it in a natural way such that your readers love it too.

Shower your keywords

Make sure that you add your targeted keywords are inside the article. Also double check that you have not stuffed your keywords inside the article because it can make your post look like the one written for spiders and not for humans.

Sub Headings

This is also an important one but you have to be really very careful in making it natural. Search engine spiders give more value to the headings than the words present inside the post. So make sure that you add your targeted keywords in the sub headings but again naturally. I would recommend you to use H5 tag.


Make sure you sprinkle your keywords here as well as this goes as the heading of the search engine results.

This guest post is written by Saksham, who manages the online marketing for Fortepromo Promotional products, a Minnesota-based promotional stress balls company, for over three years.

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