Why Do Inkjet Cartridges Cost So Much? [Sponsored Post]

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If you own an inkjet printer for your computer, you’re probably aware that buying new ink cartridges can be quite expensive. If you’re unlucky, your printer uses a single cartridge for all three main colors and so you have to replace it fully when just one color is empty. Luckily more and more printers today come with multiple ink cartridges that allows you to simply refill the color that has been emptied and not replace the other colors at the same time.

According to a study by Lyra Research in 2003, the ink cartridge replacement market was a $21 billion field back then, that gives an idea of how much money is in the ink market!

But the third party ink replacement market is booming too. With more and more people printing their own photographs on printers they buy at a discount because manufactures sell their printers at cost, to encourage customers to buy their printer, and then spend a lot of money on ink cartridges later on.

Ink Warehouse is a UK-based shop specializing in selling cheap Lexmark ink cartridges. They also offer ink for Epson, HP, Canon, Kodak, Brother, Dell and Samsung besides Lexmark ink. As any ink dealership should, Ink Warehouse also sell photo paper for your printer.

Delivery is free on all orders within the United Kingdom and international postage starts from £1.50 and takes between 3 and 5 days to arrive.

Next time you’re in the market for Lexmark cartridges, or cartridges from any other maker, be sure to check out Ink Warehouse before you go down on the corner to buy an original ink cartridge at a premium!

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