How Use Of Online Technology Is Revolutionising The Role Of The Maths Tutor

With increased competition for jobs in recent years, there has been a growing trend for parents to seek supplementary education for their children in key subjects.  Maths is of course one of the most important subjects and also one that many students struggle with.  As a result the demand for maths tutors has grown significantly in recent years.  Traditionally the maths tutor would provide tuition on a one-to-one basis at their own home or their students’ home.  However, the use of online technology is now revolutionising the way in which maths tutors work.

How it works

In the past online educational resources have been somewhat one dimensional in their delivery.  They have primarily come in the form of downloadable and printable exam papers or semi-interactive online tests with multiple choice questions.

However, improved broadband speeds and more stable VIOP capabilities have meant that students now have access to a maths tutor directly over the internet; providing a fully interactive virtual classroom environment.

Convenient and hassle free

Finding a suitable maths tutor for your child can often prove to be a lengthy process.  By taking advantage of an online maths tuition service you can remove the need to carry out such a search.  In addition you have the benefit of not having to drive your child to and from their maths tutor’s home.

Group study

Research has shown that whilst individual tuition is important, students benefit greatly from also undertaking group study.  Through online classrooms, not only are they able to converse with their tutor; they can also work through problems with peers.

Breakout side groups are a possibility; enabling the tutor to split the class into smaller groups before joining back together to share feedback and demonstrate answers on a communal virtual whiteboard.  If the maths tutors feels that an individual student requires specific guidance they can then separate them from the rest of the class and offer one-to-one tuition.

Considering cost

With all the benefits that an online maths tutor provides, you would expect there to be some kind of drawback.  However, going down the online maths tuition route can actually prove to be more cost effective than a traditional solution.  The fact that the tutor is able to deliver to more students at the same time means that businesses can charge each pupil less per hour, whilst paying the tutor more than they would otherwise earn.  The convenience of being able to teach from home in addition to earning more money means that many tutors are now turning to online learning providers.  As a result companies have the pick of the best tutors; giving students an excellent product at a great price.

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