Take your small business further with solutions from SAP

SAP stands for “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing” and it was founded in 1972. SAP, known for being a market leader in the enterprise application software, helps both small and large companies as well as industries to run better. It generally offers a suite of software that simplifies service provision and cost management, supports integrated processes and distributes the information needed for informed planning and decision-making.

As of today, SAP continues to make sales and has development areas located in over 50 countries across the world. The demand for SAP services and applications keeps on rising (more than 109,000 customers worldwide) because many customers would like to operate beneficially, adapt constantly as well as develop sustainably.

SAP has currently introduced a selection of innovative solutions across the board which allows smaller companies to grow their business at a pace that they deem most suitable for them. Below are some of them:

SAP Business Objects Portfolio offers a wide range of tools and applications designed to help you optimize the performance of your business by means of connecting people, information and businesses across other business networks. Business Intelligence Analysis is very important as it helps ensure the survival of any enterprise. It lets your users create effective, informed decisions derived from factual data and analysis.

Other solutions include Enterprise Information Management (helps you deliver accurate, integrated and timely data across your enterprise), Enterprise Performance Management (helps your business become more quick and competitive by giving organizational visibility, alignment and greater confidence) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (helps you balance risk and opportunity across all your business processes that allows you to respond quicker to any changes in your business conditions). Such solutions enable a business to achieve clarity on its data, implement a globally united reporting environment and be able to respond quickly to ever-changing market conditions.

SAP Crystal Solutions Configurator has been introduced by SAP within their Business All-in-One fast-start program in order to accommodate the rapid growth of smaller companies. The Configurator is an intuitive piece of software that is user-friendly and is designed to help you discover what will be the best possible solution for a particular task, challenge or project that you are currently working on. Just answer a few simple questions regarding the information challenges you would encounter, and the Configurator will recommend the best packages or products according to your needs.

There are times you could not pinpoint every problem that would arise at the current project you’re working on, and going to a contractor to identify and solve them is very expensive and oftentimes, the correct answer is not found. However, with the Configurator, you automatically get to search a large database to satisfy your needs and it ultimately solves a problem that you may not be able to identify on your own. Using the Configurator online lets you scope the functionality of a solution and then evaluate the price for instant cost-effective operations, and you can do all that with just a click of the mouse.

SAP Crystal Solutions Dashboard and Visualization software can help you create dashboards for different purposes: for personal use (SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, personal edition – you can transform complicated data into a comprehensive dashboard. You can create interactive dashboards from Microsoft Excel and then export your dashboard to another format such as Adobe PDF, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Office or Flash files), for department use (SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, starter package – the ideal choice for small to midsize companies wherein you can leverage actionable insights by means of dashboards that give an overall view of your business performance), and for professional presentations (SAP Crystal Presentation Design – helps business users to turn Microsoft Excel data into professional-looking presentations through an innovative point-and-click interface. You can quickly paste your data into built-in templates, thereby creating presentations that enable you to make a lasting sophisticated impression in the boardroom).

These inexpensive solutions are some of the most remarkable ones that only SAP can offer to your business to make it run better, whether your business is big or small. With SAP Crystal Solutions, you can focus on growing your business, make smarter and faster decisions, support your company’s changing needs, save more time and be able to do more within a day, and last but not least, connect easily and regularly with customers as well as business partners.

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