VOTE NOW: Help Protect The Environment With Sony – Open Planet Ideas

Back in November 2010, Emily wrote an article here on TechPatio for the Open Planet Ideas concept with her suggestion and submission to the project. Now, Sony and WWF has narrowed all the received ideas down to 8 final concepts which everybody can now vote for.

The winning idea will be taken forward by Sony and put into development. It will be exciting to see how Sony will be able to take one of their current technologies and help improve the world with it.

If you want to check out the 8 final ideas and vote for the one you like the most, simply visit their Facebook page and Like the idea which is your favorite: Facebook – Open Planet Ideas.

3 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: Help Protect The Environment With Sony – Open Planet Ideas”

  1. It’s nice to see companies making commitments to green energy. And using voting contests like this and asking consumers to become personally involved (and thus invested in the product) is excellent marketing!

  2. I think this kind of contest is really a win win win to all of us. Win for the company, win for the participants and win for mother earth. Love to see this kind of contests taking place.

  3. Hi
    Just voted and it’s really great to see companies are really working greatly.Asking people suggestion

    Thanks For Sharing


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