Diablo 3 – Open Beta Thoughts

Did you manage to play the Diablo 3 “open beta” this weekend? Or are you still waiting to get your hands on the full game once it’s released?

Over at Daily42, they have written about their experiences this past weekend: Diablo 3 – open beta thoughts. Check it out!

The wizard itself was mighty fine, but I’m still trying to figure out what I think about the skills and talents solution. It seemed awfully simple, I’m hoping that, with more game time, things will spice up. I’m happy to find that it’s not necessary to read 10+ forums to best your class, but at the same time I kept hoping for more. [Read entire review…]

9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 – Open Beta Thoughts”

  1. I’m loving my Monk.. too bad they don’t have this for a whole month.. I want to try the other characters and see the higher skills

  2. Thank you for information and Post.

    Can’t wait to get a full game on my own hands and play it…
    Really exited to play it…..
    Big Fan of DIABLO game…….

  3. Blizzard is doing an awesome job attracting a lot of attention just before a new game releases. Diablo is going to make a lot of money for them again, but it will offer and a nice game without the obligations that World Of Warcraft had. The community is waiting for the 15nth of May to play the game in order to have a better opinion for the game.

  4. I am looking forward to this great game. I loved the first one and hope that this one will be as good as the first Diablo game

  5. Oh my God!!! It seems to me like it has been a century since I first heard about diablo 3… I still remember playing diablo2.. Great game! I hope the new one is also good. I am not a kid any more and I work as a freelancer but I will manage to find some spare time for my barbarian character. There will be a barbarian won’t there be one?

  6. I played the open beta and beat the beta with one female monk. It is pretty short. I noticed a lot of changes compared to diablo 2. It seems that they have made things a lot more simple. I mean there are no skill point AND no stats points. This is huge. I am not sure if I agree with this. I mean I have no control over developing this character. The only thing to choose is which skill to use and with which rune. Everything else is automatic or comes with weapons.
    But I do not know man, I have to play more to be able to judge it better. For now I think I will not be getting the game though. I really have to give all I got into my work right now. And playing the game will waste time and give me false feeling of success which will make me less productive. It will be pretty bad. I really want to play though :). Back in the days we played Diablo 2 like crazy. Star craft too.

  7. Now, very few hours are remaining for launching of this Diablo 3 game, I have seen its features so very excited and eagerly waiting to play it very soon.


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