Show the World Your Vision for Your Atlanta Business with Videos

If you want to give the perfect impression of your business you’re going to need a business video.  If you are doing business in Atlanta, GA you need to remember that Atlanta is unique.  Atlanta prides itself with being the most cosmopolitan up-to-date city in the South and as such it has a very high standard of production value.  Shoddy or cheaply made videos that might skate by in more rural areas will not due for the Atlanta crowd.  Atlanta residents expect high gloss and high polish with their products and they have the same expectations with their online videos so make sure that you commit to put out a quality video production.

You also need to understand that in many ways Atlanta is a world of dichotomies.  It is old South based and sometimes slow paced but also big city proud and connected, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, with people from many other cities now calling Atlanta their home.  So it is important that you show Atlanta and show the world your business in a way that is simple, concrete, to the point, and easy to understand, yet also polished, professional, superior, is accessible to everyone and shows why your business is different from other businesses.

Online videos are a great way to do this.  You can take advantage of Georgia’s great weather and choose an outdoor location that reflects your business or take advantage of Atlanta’s many indoor architectural hot spots, sound stages and green screens to get a polished indoor look.

In your online video remember to include clearly:

  1. What your business does
  2. Why your business is unique
  3. A call to action explaining how they can buy now or learn more

Consider making two short online videos rather than one overly long one if possible.  Remember that people’s attention for online videos is much shorter than film, and online videos are often 2 – 3 minutes.  If you shoot a testimonial video or brief instructional video at the same time as your introduction video you can keep video production costs down.

Take advantage of the Georgia Film Commission’s source book to find thousands of registered filming locations, video professionals, spokesmen and actors, and other resources.

Studies show that an online business video can increase your business by up to 200%.  Many people click on the video first before they read any text.  Don’t miss the opportunity to tell the world about your Atlanta business.  Make sure you have a good online video that clearly demonstrates what you have to offer.

Guest article written by: Joel Cordle is a professional at Atlanta Video, Inc. Atlanta Video, Inc. has been producing broadcast programming since 1976. Atlanta video produces commercials, music videos, training videos, and more.

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  3. Videos can definitely be a big help to our business especially to marketing.. It can make clients and customers more familiar with the things we have..

  4. Atlanta… The city of the 1996 Olympics. The only time I have ever visited the states. A really nice city and I must confirm that Atlanta residents need their products “polished”.Expectations are high in this city!

  5. As the previous commenter said, video marketing is a very wide subject, and i love to know more about this ! write more article please !

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    your blog and the information is very accurate and I love

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