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money_budget_blackwhite… that will help you save and spend wisely

If you want to stay on top of your finances and get smart with your spending and saving, youíre going to need some tools to help you out. Weíve covered some of the better business applications for your smartphone, and you can apply the same functionality to keep your personal financial house in order. So, whether youíve made some resolutions this year about getting out of debt, or just want to spend your money a little more wisely, here are some great apps to make your phone a personal financial adviser.

1. ReadyForZero (iOS)

Every year, millions of people resolve to get out of debt. ReadyForZero was designed to help people see and understand all of their debt and pay it off. Itís easy to get started with the app, and after just a few prompts you can be up and running with a chart of your debt, where itís coming from, and your projected pay-off dates. Use the tool to decide where your money will go first to pay off your debts. The app features built-in tips for paying off credit cards, car loans, and more. You can make your payments (securely) straight from the app, and even schedule automatic payments so you donít have to juggle them all yourself. (Cost: free)

2. Mint (Android, iOS)

Mint is one our favorites around the office; itís intuitive, user-friendly, and ties in seamlessly with the website version of the service. The website and mobile app allow you to track all your spending and debt by allowing you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards. We loved the ability to see charts and graphs that at a glance summarized our income, spending, and budgets. Set up alerts and reminders to quickly be notified of excess or unusual spending in a variety of categories. Though thereís no way at the time of our review to pay bills with the app, the alerts and reminders for due bills are still a great help. (Cost: free)

3. RetailMeNot (Android, iOS)

While RetailMeNot might not be able to hook into your bank account or keep an eye on your debt, it can help you spend much more wisely. Load this app on your phone before you head out to run errands next time and youíll be amazed at how much you can save. The app has access to every coupon mailer, online coupon code, and saving techniques available. It uses GPS to figure out what stores you are near, and will bring up deals and coupons for every major and many smaller retailers in the country. From toilet parts to cupcake decorations, RetailMeNot is a great way to spend no more than you have to. (Cost: free)

4. Personal Capital Banking and Investing (iOS)

Itís a shame this app is only available on iOS, because nearly everyone could benefit from its useful features. While it has the standard abilities to monitor your bank accounts and credit cards, the most useful features come in its portfolio sections of the app. The app will monitor your investments for you and keep you alerted to significant changes in the market. If you invest in stocks or bonds, this app is a must-have. We enjoyed the layout and detailed information even better than some of our trader apps, though this app currently doesnít allow buying and selling. Weíre hoping for an Android version, but if you have an Apple device, load this up quick. (Cost: free)

5. Adaptu Wallet (iOS)

This app allows users to connect bank and credit card information, track loyalty programs, forecast spending, and store digital copies of things like business cards, insurance information, and social securityóessentially replacing your physical wallet. Because the app is currently for iPhone use only, it doesnít have NFC (near field communication) capability which means you canít actually use it like a credit card. However, there are rumors of an Android release soon, and if so this really could be a complete wallet replacement. (Cost: free)

Guest article written by: Aimee Watts is a staff writer for [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Mobile Moo[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Mobile Moo[/tp]. She has spent ten years telecommuting full-time, and loves spreading tips and advice for fellow work-at-home parents. She loves gadgets, new ideas, and skiing with her two favorite people: her husband and teenage son. They live in Evergreen, Colorado.

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  1. Great list , but Ready for zero , is a good choice on Apple OS. It is very cool and easy to use and as well as solves the purpose really well 😉

  2. Wow, All five money management apps are great, And Adaptu Wallet very good so i like to have this in my iPhone because it is useful to me.

  3. Saving money and looking for bargins was never my forte yet I am going to give mint a try after reading this and see how it goes. Plus how can you go wrong with the price its free. Maybe I will curb my spending and get on the savings wagon. Probably not but worth a try.

  4. Yup this is fact that you should have a better idea or thought in your mind to save money. I think these money management applications is one of the best, just try these and you will get the result same as me. I would say which is EXCELLENT!!!

  5. Great compilation! will surely try using these apps for my Fuelfixer site and see which works best to manage my income vs expenses, etc. Thanks a bunch!


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