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turn off the lights - macbook air - atmosphere lighting

Do you love also the TV experience with Ambilight (from the Dutch company Philips), that creates light effects around the television that correspond to the video content. But this is now also available for in your favorite browser. This is new feature generates light effects around the video window that correspond to the video content. And it shows the effect only when you click on the play button of the HTML5 video or YouTube player. Also you can easily change the mix of colors to just one solid color, four separate colors or the most vivid mode.

Turn Off the Lights

Since the last update of the most popular browser extension Turn Off the Lights, you can enable this new feature for on YouTube. When you activate this feature in the option page. And go then to a YouTube video, it shows the faded colors of the video content around the YouTube player. And it updates automatically the light effects for each frame. So that makes the entire player so vivid with this effect.

See below the video about the Vivid Mode feature on YouTube website.

Turn Off the Lights is the only and unique browser extension that has this atmosphere lighting “vivid mode”, that display the atmospheric lighting effect in a more beautiful and realistic accent. Turn Off the Lights is an internet tool with more than four years in development to continuing improve the online video experience for the internet users. And is priced that the tool must be available for everyone, just as a free browser extension.

When you enable the atmosphere lighting feature in the option page, you can also can change then spread and blur values of the light source. So you can increase the light effect that comes out of the video player. And change the blur value to see a diffused light across the web page.

Others Features

Of course there are also other great features inside this browser extension such as changing the background to a linear gradient background, or talk to the browser lamp thanks to the speech recognition and camera motion feature. When you enable that last feature it dim the web page when you move your hand over the green lamp from the top to the bottom of your laptop. Just like when you switch the light off on a real night lamp next your bedroom. Want to clear the web page? Do the same action as before, and the browser extension will detect that movement and bring the web page back as normal.


Need a browser extension that bring a step higher on your online entertainment and that help makes your YouTube video more enjoyable. Then this is a recommend internet tool for you. You can download this extension for your favorite browser on their website.

This browser extension supports more than 38 languages and is translated by the community of the online internet users. And it is also compatible for all browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Maxthon and Internet Explorer.

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