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by Guest Author on December 9, 2016

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phantom-flex-4kWe all love to watch movies and captivating television shows. We enjoy watching the characters interact with each other as well as the thrilling sequences and scenes. Many people love the action and drama, but few consider the technology that is used to create these motion pictures. A camera is needed to shoot these sequences and make the show or movie a reality. There are many types of cameras in the world of motion pictures. One of these is the Phantom Flex 4k. Read on to learn more about it.

What is the Phantom Flex 4k?

This camera is designed to shoot video at high speed. It is capable of shooting video at 4K high speed. This means that even the smallest changes in the subject of the camera are captured clearly. Due to this feature, this camera can create slow motion sequences which are vivid.

Video shooting features of this camera

Video footage is shot in terms of frames per second. A frame is each, minute individual moment of the scene that is playing out in front of the camera. The Phantom Flex 4k is designed such that it can shoot footage at a rate of 1000 frames per second (fps). It is able to do this in a format known as 12 bit raw. Due to this quality, this camera allows you to shoot video footage that is of high clarity and quality at a fast frame rate. Interestingly, this ability to shoot footage at a high frame rate makes this camera ideal for shooting slow motion sequences. Examples of these are:

  1. The changes in weather conditions
  2. Growing plants
  3. Ocean condition transitions

The camera is able to capture changes in these subjects and render it in a way that it is visible and captivating to viewers.

Storage capacity

The Phantom Flex 4k captures footage in digital form. This is different from traditional cameras that shot video and printed it on film. To accomplish this, the camera has storage for this digital footage. It is designed such that it has a total of 128 gigabytes (Gb) of Random Access Memory (RAM). This is the memory that stores the footage before it is embedded into permanent storage. In addition to that, the Phantom Flex 4k has 2 terabytes (Tb) of storage in form of Cinemags. As such, you can shoot thousands of hours of video footage with this camera and store it all in the Cinemags.

One needs to have special skills so as to manipulate this camera. There are very few directors of photography who are fully conversant with the Phantom Flex 4k. One of these is Dustin Ferrell. He is known for his ability to shoot slow motion footage. Thus, he finds this camera highly useful.


The Phantom Flex 4k is an ultra-modern camera. It is useful for shooting slow motion sequences as well as very clear video footage. It is a digital camera. Thus, there is no need for film. Due to its high storage capacity, a director can shoot many hours of footage with it. The Phantom Flex 4k is a good example of a future-proof camera.

Guest article written by: Frankie Waters is a movie director. He has over ten years of experience in this field. Frankie is one of the few directors who have handled both analog and digital cameras. He has witnessed the transition from analog to digital video recording. He indicates that the Phantom Flex 4k is ideal for digital video recording.

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