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by Guest Author on October 20, 2016

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security_notice_surveillance_video_cameras_recordingIf you want to feel safe in your own house there is no necessity to keep at home huge dogs, crocodiles or some other dangerous animals. Modern technologies are developing day by day to make our life more easy and safe, so if you wonder, how to make your house more burglary-resistant, you have found the right article.

Here we are going to look through the market of the security gadgets to understand, which kinds of them can be the most useful for the house you live in.

Home alarm system

Such security system usually consists of motion sensors installed inside of your house, mostly on doors and windows. Depending on the type of alarm system it can also include smoke sensors, cameras and so on.

Modern manufacturers offer systems that can be totally controlled from your smartphone, so you will know about the intruders in your property immediately, even if you are far away from home. In that case you can just call the police to the address where you live, if your neighbours still haven’t done it, after hearing the noise.

Wireless security cameras

Nowadays security cameras became very small and inconspicuous. Being wireless they are installed easily and you can check, what happens in your home, wherever you are, as a lot of them don’t need monitor at all. You can use your own smartphone as a monitor for the each camera of your system.

There can be indoor and outdoor cameras that are waterproof and give you the opportunity to see, who is coming to your door before you try to open it in order to check.

In specialized stores you can find different modifications of cameras, developed for different needs and budgets, so you will definitely get something for yourself.

Light timers

Don’t want to spend too much for home security gadgets and prefer to prevent the problem instead of waiting for its occurrence? Then there is a smart and cheap solution for you that can deter burglars from your house: just install the light timers! We know that usually burglaries happen when home owners leave their house for some time.

Light timers will help you to create an illusion that somebody stayed at home. Burglars are usually not very glad, when home owners meet them upon their invasion, so they will most likely be scary to risk in such way and to break in.

Smart locks

When making your home safe you shouldn’t forget about good and reliable locks for your doors. Besides simple deadlocks there is a huge amount of smart locks, which can be secret and have hidden camera that takes photo of each person who comes in. Also there are locks which require password and have direct connection to the home alarm.

It’s better to use combinations of few different kinds of security gadgets to be sure that your home is really safe. But the most important thing you should remember: even if you bought and installed some security system, it’s better not to inform other people of how it works.

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