7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Tech Diwali

by Guest Author on September 28, 2017

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Diwali is one of the India’s biggest festivals which bring more excitement and magical vibes among the people. The festival of light is usually celebrated with loud crackers and luscious sweets at the same time the whole country dazzles with sparkling lights and diyas.

People believe that the Diwali festival brings great victory in their life like the light over darkness and good over evil. The countdown for the Diwali celebration is going to start now and every year during this festival an immeasurable amount of fireworks are burnt across the country which will increase the adverse effect on the environment.

Here you can get the amazing tech ideas that you can use during the Diwali celebration this year.

Tip 1: Use Social Apps to Organise Eco-Friendly Diwali

If you want to celebrate the eco-friendly Diwali with the large group of people, then communicate the people around you who like to celebrate in the same way or just use the power of the social media to find the people with the similar objective.

There are many social apps are now available in the fabulous world of applications and make a group to organize gatherings in your place.

Tip 2: Order Crackers from this Website

Bursting more crackers causes air pollution and noise pollution but many people think that doing firework once in a year does not bring any problem. Almost every age group people like firecrackers and it will bring the large smile in everyone’s face.

One of the Hyderabad crackers online shopping sites takes an excellent initiative for the welfare of the society that they plant a tree for every order.

Tip 3: Use and Gift LED lights

The Diwali festival is incomplete without the lights and during this time every place glitters with various lights which may lead to power inefficiency. The wonderful way to solve this problem is using LED lights which cuts down the 90% of energy consumption and it is one of the best steps towards the eco-friendly Diwali.

Tip 4: Do it Like IIT Kharagpur

Every year IIT Kharagpur is celebrating Diwali a bit differently because they conduct inter-hostel competition during this festival time.

The best part is that they follow the traditional way of creating the extravagant patterns using lamps and the group of student makes colorful rangoli. The entire IIT campus Illuminates beautifully during the festival of the light.

Tip 5: VR Diwali

Using Virtual Reality you can enjoy almost everything at your home and it is one of the incredible gift ideas for the Diwali festival. Moreover, you can watch the firework around different places and you will definitely get an amazing experience.

Tip 6: Gift a Fitness Band

If you are searching for a unique gift, then the good option for you is fitness band because during the festive season everyone’s kitchen is flooded with sweets and then it is natural to lose the healthy diet track. Using fitness band you can more conscious about what you are eating during the Diwali festival.

Tip 7: Use the Long Weekend for a Vacation

If you want to celebrate the Diwali festival this year differently than others, then just pack your bags and head out of your place with your family and friends to get a great experience.

Whether your destination near or far try to visit a rural area where they celebrate this auspicious festival in the traditional way.

Have a safe and sound Diwali!

Guest article written by: Sivakami is the Content Analyst at Shop Crackers Online. It is a company based in Sivakasi that offers best brand fireworks for Diwali at an affordable rate.


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