What You Should Know About Charging Your Smart Car at Home

by Emily on August 4, 2017

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Before purchasing an electric car, you should first understand how they work, such as how to charge your smart car at home and how far it can go on a single charge. This brings up the most common question asked at electric car dealerships, which is first, the charger or the car. Many electric car owners are still waiting for a publicly accessible charging station so that they have a place to charge while driving throughout the day. However, since these are still in the process of being installed throughout the country, here’s what you should know about charging your car at home.

Level 1

The three main levels of charging starts at the smallest 120-voltage system that can be plugged into a simple three-prong outlet using a specialized charging cord for your electric car. However, since this level of charging doesn’t require any installation or safety check, you can easily hook the system up to your home’s wall outlet and car and be all charged up for the day in a matter of hours.

This also brings up one of the largest drawbacks to a level one charger, the fact that it can’t charge fast. Typical electric cars take nearly 12 hours to reach a full charge using this system, which can dig at your energy bills. Plus, if you don’t plug it in overnight, you won’t have enough power in your car for the next morning.

Level 2

If you want to get a faster charge for your car than a level one charger, electric car owners should invest in getting a level two charger. This level charger runs at 20 amps and 240 volts, which cuts the charging time of level one in half at only a mere 6 hours. However, if you plan to use this charging station at home, you need to get it installed by a certified professional and get it tested by your local authorities for electrical safety. Level two chargers need to be wall-mounted either inside your car garage or carport. However, GM is starting up their own in-home charging setup program to make it easier than ever to charge your car at home with a level two charging station.

Level 3

The fastest way to currently charge your car is by using a level three charging station. However, the majority of these chargers are only accessible at gas stations, malls, and rest stops due to its high price point.

Since a level three charger runs on a 500 volt DC, it can charge your car up to 8- percent in as little as a half hour. This can help you charge your car quicker and last longer with fewer charging interruptions throughout the day.
Currently, level three charging stations are available but are extremely expensive. It is much more reasonable to locate a charging station close to your home for everyday use.

Deciding Which is Right for You

Level one chargers make more sense for electric car owners who only travel a few miles a day. They are mostly for recreation use, so if you see yourself taking few trips in your car a day, this charging station will be suitable for your usage.
However, if you see yourself traveling a lot throughout the day, it might be smart to upgrade to a level two charging station. Since you’ll only need to charge for six hours, it is much more reasonable than a level one charging unit. Plus, installing one at your home is simple to do with professional help.
The last option for you to choose is a level three charger. It is one of the most expensive options, but one of the best options on the market to charge your electric car. Plus, installing it is just as easy as installing a level two charging unit. However, due to the price, you might be better off finding a charging station close to your home. On the bright side, you could save money if you use an electric charger. Finding cheap auto insurance could offer a variety of discounts to help you save money.


There are a variety of different methods you can use to charge your electric smart car at home. Although there are plenty of drawbacks to charging your car this way, there are plenty of advantages such as charging your car at your leisure as well. However, no matter what type of level charging unit you pick, they are all effective and durable pieces of technology to suit the fast paced market of electric cars.

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