Top 10 New Home Technologies Everyone Is Getting

Home improvement is a very wide field, with numerous ideas from which to choose. If you are looking to transform your home into a smart home, here are some home technologies that can make the biggest impact.

1. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Does your smoke alarm go off at the slightest hint of smoke, even when you’re simply cooking a piece of bacon? Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm could be a good solution for you. You can silence it with your phone. If the smoke levels become too high, the system triggers a voice alarm with location details, a red pulsing LED, and an 85dB horn.

2. Philips Hue Starter Kit

If you’re looking for affordable smart lighting, Philips Hue Starter Kit can be a great choice. The Starter Kit is not only easy to install, it is even easier to use. Using Wi-Fi, this device can automatically turn off lights when you leave home, make lights warmer or cooler, and dim lights with Siri or Alexa commands.

3. Logitech Harmony Elite

With Logitech Harmony Elite, you can remotely control a lot more in your home than just TV and stereo. The device connects with the included Harmony Home Hub to control other Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or infrared devices in your home.

4. Tend Secure Lynx Indoor

Tend Secure Lynx Indoor is a pint-sized home surveillance camera that delivers impressive 1080p video and sharp night vision. It’s packed with amazing features, including:

  • Two-way radio
  • Motion-triggered notifications and recordings
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Free cloud storage

5. August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled

This Apple HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock is easy to install. It simply mounts on your current deadbolt lock. The Smart Lock speaks to your phone using Bluetooth, allowing speedy access to you or your guests.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat

With built-in Wi-Fi, the Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperature from your smart device. The latest model of this device comes with a larger display and a couple more sensors, in addition to a furnace monitor and geo-fencing support.

7. Elgato Eve Degree

The Elgato Eve Degree is a beautiful, easy-to-install, tiny weather sensor. Simply turn it on, download the Elgato Eve app, and then point your iPhone’s camera at the code printed on the bottom. Done!

The device can measure humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. You can do all of these remotely using the amazing Eve app on your iPhone. It’s water-resistant, so you can place it even outdoors.

8. Furbo

Do you want to know what your dog is normally up to during the day? Then, you should invest in Furbo, a smart dog camera that lets you see what your dog is doing when it’s in front of the lens. Furbo features a microphone and a speaker, which lets you talk to your dog or get an alert when it is barking. What’s more, the device can feed your dog when you are away. After filling the device with treats before you leave the house, you’ll just need to press the screen in a smartphone app and Furbo will eject some treats for your dog to enjoy.

9. Ring Spotlight Cam Solar

Only a couple of hours of sunlight will keep this security camera charged. It is ideal for areas where it is challenging to run power. The High-definition camera features two-way talk, spotlight, and siren.

10. ThermoWorks Smoke Gateway

If you are a backyard BBQ enthusiast, ThermoWorks Smoke Gateway can be a great investment for you. It comes with satellite internet connection to help track your cook from anywhere with temperature notifications and amazingly gratuitous graphs.


Home technology is always evolving and always promising to add convenience to our lives. Before the year ends, consider getting some of the above technologies.

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