Is Link Building Still Relevant for The Success of SEO? Here’s Why You Should Care!

by Guest Author on October 7, 2017

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Search engines use links as the off page ranking factor. Google, the tech giant, is not the first search engine to give importance to links. Others like Yahoo and Bing also depend on these links to rank pages according to relevancy. Links are like votes, and the better the link building strategy is, the more successful it is in the long run!

Improve relevancy of your website with links

It is important for you to understand the significance of link building for the improvement and the success of your business website. For a beginner, the concept of link building is daunting, and so it is crucial for you to understand the concept of links before you create a link building strategy for the progress and development of your business with the aid of experts.

The idea behind link building can be explained with the following example- suppose you are sick and need advice, would you trust the advice given to you by doctors or would you ask 40 random people as to what medicines to take? It is evident that you will ask for the advice and the suggestions from doctors before seeking advice for a few random people. In short, the quality and wisdom of expert opinion matters to you. That makes you give more importance to them. The same example works with search engines as well when it comes to link building. These search engines while ranking the website will take into account the links that point to sites except those links that are blocked with nofollow and other tools. However, the search engines do not count these links with equality. The search engines will only give importance to links that are considered to be better in quality.

Now the question that arises in your mind is – what is a quality link? A quality link is a link that you know when you see it. It is a link that comes from a very respected and large website. When you have quality links, you will note that your site will get more importance. The links that you choose are relevant, and this helps the search engines to rank your website as it provides information and knowledge to the reader.

Prominent SEO Charlotte companies state that when it comes to creating and developing a link strategy for your business. If you are a business owner, it is important for you to hire credible and skilled professionals that have years of experience in the relevant field. That gives you a competitive edge in the market. Some business owners make the grave mistake of doing SEO themselves. What they fail to achieve are the results. Sometimes, the results are bad. They resort to the wrong links that are spam, and this causes search engines to block their websites. It is the need of the day for you as a business owner not to undertake such a risk and rely on experts that are skilled and experienced in the field.

Understanding anchor links

Look at Amazon today, and you will find that this website has many links that go back to it however you will never find it being ranked for boats online – it is listed for books. It is a surprising, and you might want to know why. Look at those links carefully, and you will find that they have the word books in them and not boats. It is essential for you to have words in a link and they are called link text or anchor text. Search engines see them as one website describing another. It is like a person telling someone else that you are an expert in the field of books. Coming back to your business, you will find that you cannot control the words that people use to link you, so it is important for you to capitalize on all the opportunities to influence anchor text that is in reason.

Choosing the number of links

In the past, the number of website links was necessary. However, the scenario is completely different today. Search engines currently evaluate the quality of links, and you can use some standard tactics like widgets, badges and link baiting campaigns for getting many relevant links for improved search engine ranks and ratings.

Therefore, when you are the owner of a company, it is important for you to take help of the above tips for your business website. The link building strategy is essential, and it primarily helps you to improve targeted traffic and elevate search engine ranks. As mentioned above, when it comes to the matter of link building, ensure that you have skilled and professional experts to manage your campaigns for you!

Guest article written by: Gordon White is an experienced online marketer and SEO expert with a prominent SEO Charlotte agency. He helps clients with the SEO and link building strategies for business development and growth. 


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