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by Emily on July 27, 2018

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The internet offers many options on sites which sell the idea of how to get more Instagram followers at the best price. While exploring the options available, the user must look out for authenticity and reliability. Generally, depending on the number of followers that an existing Instagram user would like to purchase, these sites provide you with the choice to opt for the best package with varying prices that best suits their requirements. The purchase process is quite simple, user-friendly and hassle-free, and takes the minimum amount of time.

Sites like Lunarviral​ offer genuine service on how to get more Instagram followers, giving the user the option to choose the best from the different packages available. provides access to real and active Instagram members who will engage with the user’s posts and updates.

There are several advantages of buying Instagram followers instead of waiting for the long process of gaining followers through consistent themes, engagements and activities. Buying Instagram followers can instantly help you gain credibility for your account. Once you have a significant amount of followers, you will continue to earn more followers if you follow the steps mentioned above. Gaining credibility encourages and influences others to follow, raising your rate even higher.

How it works

You do not need to follow back the new accounts or engage with them as this takes away your focus from creating your content which gives you enough time to put your efforts in other activities.

When you choose to buy Instagram followers from, you get three offer packages: Instagram likes, Instagram followers and Instagram comments. These packages come with different plans that range from 100 followers to 10,000 at various prices. The site also offers customised buyer-plans for larger order on request.

The site is safe and secure for payment as well as sharing your details. You are not required to give away any other information for your order except your Instagram username and your e-mail address to place the order.

Payment method is easy and too. The site provides secure payment through Stripe, a well-known payment service provider, accepting Mastercard, Visa & American Express.

Once the site confirms the payment, you will get immediate results within an hour.
The process takes longer with the number of followers purchased and they will be continuous new followers for several hours until you achieve your required the goal. For more information on how to get more Instagram followers, visit

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