All That You Need to Learn about the Danger of Running to Social Media When You Have Personal Injury Claims

by Emily on July 19, 2018

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Today’s world is not complete without a post on one of your favorite social media platforms. Social media has made most people so comfortable that they cannot do without posting multiple stories around their world – the good, the bad and the ugly.

There are important things to note in relation to social media. This being a social platform it is very important to note that serious information that requires the law’s intervention cannot be posted on these platforms. This is because there is a prescribed way that is laid down to deal with such things.

In cases of personal injury, it is important to learn more about how social media will affect your lawsuit.

  • Social media is not a private platform to post your private life – The online platform is a public site where you cannot post private stuff. Even though there are tools to control who see your posts, these are not entirely secure. Personal injury lawyers can sue you if they feel you are attacking the defendant in any way on social media. Even when it is the fault of the defendant, you have no right to attack them on social media. In case you have submitted your claims of a physical injury, then you cannot afford to be seen on social media partying with friends. If such information reaches the defendants, they are passed on to the court and you could be charged with contempt of court.
  • Never use social media to vent about the personal injuries you have sustained – No matter how many people vent on this platform, you should not even attempt to do it. No matter how bad you feel because of the negligence that may have caused you the injury, you cannot afford to spew out your anger out there. It could be worse if you are using defamatory comments on the defendant because they can cause you to be sued. Although emotionally it may feel good when you vent, it is on the wrong platform. Simply go to your lawyer and vent all you can there as the conversations you have are confidential.
  • Never harass the defendant on social media – Never make the mistake of insulting the defendant on social media. This is viewed by the court as a form of harassment and if you are sued for it, you will be in more problems. Do not ask your friends to harass them either; just let the court do its work.
  • If you notice any harassing from your defendant, report them to your lawyer – Social media can also be misused by the defendant. He/she decide to make it ugly by posting comments that are derogatory. In such cases, do not respond to the comments; simply report it to your attorney and show proof of the comments. Your attorney will be able to advise you well and also talk to the defendant or their attorney. If need be, your attorney can go ahead and file another lawsuit for harassment.

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