Salesmate vs. Pipedrive: Which CRM can help me grow my small budget startup

by Guest Author on January 5, 2018

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Customer relation management (CRM) is an integral part of a business model. It facilitates the companies to maintain productive relations with the loyal customers while opens channels of communication for the prospective clients.

Startup businesses can use CRM tools to expedite their customer acquisition efforts without spending too much time on it. You can automate the entire process of discovering new leads, nurturing them to convert and retaining them by conducting regular follow-ups. In addition, CRM software can streamline contact organizations and enhance your sales management to improve brand exposure and business growth.

Due to this, CRM industry has witnessed a staggering rise in popularity. 87% of the companies use cloud-based CRM solutions to improve their profits as it allows employees to access the tool from multiple devices and various locations.

Moreover, mobile CRM applications have increased the productivity of the workforce by 15% due to ease of use and accessibility.

To help you decide between the best CRM tools available in the market, we have outlined the most important features of both Salesmate and Pipedrive:


Salesmate is an intelligent CRM tool that enables the companies to convert leads into valuable customers. It is ideal for startup owners as it is easy to use and simple to understand with an interactive user interface. It is also easily customizable allowing the user to navigate through the software seamlessly. The user-friendly features of Salesmate make it a highly appealing CRM candidate.

In addition, Salesmate is your ideal business companion. It can automate integral components of the workflow, streamline the sales process and manage the sales pipeline efficiently. Consequently, it saves valuable time that is a scarce commodity for startup entrepreneurs.

The highly intuitive software ensures that you do not lose your valuable leads. It prompts the sales team, in a timely manner, to commence engagements with prospects that have not been followed-up in a while. The frequent interactions ascertain that the prospective customers convert into sales.

Furthermore, it maintains extensive records of valued clients, from customer data to the communications carried out with them. You can easily extract and use this information to enhance customer relations, at any time, from any place and using any device.


The value-additive features of Salesmate include:

  • Enhanced reporting feature allows the organizations to keep a close eye on their sales activates and to determine if their sales efforts are effective.
  • Activity insight allows you to determine the time taken by each sales rep to convert a lead.
  • Email Template Usage Analytics is a distinctive feature that can gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign based on the users’ reactions to your emails.
    The advance predictive algorithm can reveal an accurate and insightful sales forecast.
  • Ease of customization makes it suitable for all kinds of business models and industries. Moreover, the flexible layout and convenient deal stages enable you to change the aesthetics of the CRM with the growth of your business.
  • The intuitive dashboard allows you to evaluate the position of each lead in the conversion pipeline and the time taken to convert them into sales.
  • You can automate certain basic yet critical tasks such as generating welcome emails for new customers, scheduling follow-up calls, and plan meeting. Automation supplements the productivity of the entire team.
  • It can be used on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Mobile optimization with robust applications also allows you to work remotely.
  • The smart sales pipeline template is ideal for startup endeavors to manage fewer deals in low budgets

Pricing plan

Salesmate offers reasonable pricing plans that include all the features:

  • Monthly plan: 15 USD per month
  • Annual plan: 12 USD per month
  • It also offers a 15-day free trial


Pipedrive is another competitive CRM software that organizes your captured leads, provides perspective sales overview and enables you to prioritize deals to expedite your sales efforts. The application is easily comprehensible with straightforward operations and convenient insight into the sales pipeline matrices.


The crucial features of Pipedrive include:

  • The personal sales manager prioritizes the most critical deals and activities by analyzing your sales methodologies
  • The Add Deal button placed on top of the deals section allows you to design and customize your interface according to the number of deals in the pipeline.
  • Activity Scheduler enables you to plan important meetings and events bar the risk of double entries.
  • The Mail tab hosts all your synced emails, which makes it easier to connect with the contacts without leaving the CRM platform.
  • The uncluttered layout and numerous configuration possibilities facilitate the streamlining of lead management by importing leads from other systems. It also collects contact data, with Web Forms placed on user’s website or newsletter, to promote customer acquisition.
  • The Statistics tab allows you to monitor the performance of every sales rep, lead history and the value of each deal.
  • The Reporting feature stores all the relevant customer communications and information in a centralized database for easy access.
  • Customization enables you to add or remove fields to adapt your sales pipeline stages according to your business’s requirements. It also offers a one-click solution to regulate (turn on and off) the entire modules.
  • The graphical representation of your sales reports paves the way for easy interpretation and identification of issues in your sales process.
  • All the devices including laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones can host it.

Pricing Plans:

Pipedrive offers the following pricing plans, with limited features in silver plan and gold plan, and the advanced suite in the platinum plan:

  • Silver plan for 10 USD per month
  • Gold plan for 25 USD per month
  • Platinum plan for 75 USD per month
  • It also offers a 14-day free trial


Both CRM tools are highly competent and innovative solutions to all your customer relation requirements. They have become market dominators with continual innovation and enhanced suite of features. However, each CRM has its own set of functionalities, which makes it ideal for different business environments.

Pipedrive is suitable for small businesses with user-friendly, easy to comprehend interface but offers limited features in its cheapest plan. On the other hand, Salesmate not only provides the complete CRM suite at affordable prices but also delivers high-end automation and brilliant customer retention protocols mandatory for the growth of a startup business.

Guest article written by: Erica Silva is a blogger who loves to discover and explore the world around her. She writes on everything from marketing to technology, science and brain health. She enjoys sharing her discoveries and experiences with readers and believes her blogs can make the world a better place. Find her on Twitter: @ericadsilva1


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Alex baker February 26, 2018 at 07:46

there are numerous other free software too which can help in your startup business. office sweeet is also one of these software having all of the above mentioned features.



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