Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

by Emily on January 25, 2018

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0 is one of the most advanced data recovery software available for Windows 10 users. The recovery software is suitable for all those PC users, who have lost their digital data stored in their storage device may it be internal or external. The storage device includes hard disk drive, solid state drive, CD, DVD, flash drive, or memory card. And the digital data comprise documents, folders, emails, photos, audio, or videos.

Data is lost from a storage device due the occurrence of any one of the numerous data loss situations such as file/folder deletion using the ‘Shift + Delete’ key combination, emptying of Recycle Bin, formatting of storage device, corruption of file system, or loss of partition. The software recovers data successfully in all the preceding data lost situations from devices that can be read as a drive. Not only this, the software recovers data via the ‘Can’t find drive’ option if the drive is not visible or not accessible due to corruption.

The professional edition of the software also provides system startup disk in case PC does not boot. Without the startup disk, users need to remove the internal storage device and connect it to another PC as external drive to recover data. The startup disk eliminates such physical action and runs the recovery software directly to recovers lost data effortlessly.

The wizard-driven software offers different views (File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List) that help users to find, filter, and recover specific data with ease. Also, the option to preview files prior to recovery is an added advantage. Whenever there is severe corruption in storage drive, the software automatically switches from quick scan to deep scan and raw recovers data based on file signature.

The ‘Save Scan’ and ‘Load Scan’ option present in the software’s wizard provide means to postpone and resume recovery process at convenient time, which saves time in scanning the entire drive from the beginning on subsequent software execution. Likewise, the ‘Create Image’ and ‘Load Image’ option helps to image the storage drive and open the saved image for better data recovery.

The recovery engine of the software supports more than 300 file types. The add/edit file type option present in the software caters to any type of data, thus making it the robust data recovery software available in the market.

The software needs a minimum of 1 GB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space, any Pentium processor, and Windows operating system ranging from Window XP to Windows 10.

The steps to recover data from a storage device using the software is quite intuitive. Just download, install, & launch SPWDR Professional on your PC. Opt for the desired data type and then select the source location to recover the lost data. Preview the scanned files, recover, and save the recovered data to the desired location.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0 is a must have do-it-yourself software with advanced functionality to recover any type of data from any type of device. The software handles extensive data loss situation including deletion, formatting, and corruption. Get the hand-on experience with the software by trying its free version. Once satisfied, register the software to save recovered data to an external storage device.


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