Despite Being A Commerce Graduate, How I Became A Python Expert

by Guest Author on August 25, 2018

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The study of Commerce kept me busy throughout school and college, as I successfully completed my B.Com, even graduated with distinction. So I was quite surprised when umpteen job applications and interviews did not materialize into the position I had hoped for.  Nevertheless, I landed a job in a city with decent pay and should have been happy, but always felt something was missing. One day, I saw a colleague working on his computer on some sort of computer language. On enquiring, I found out that it was the programming language called Python. I was immediately hooked and decided to learn more about this fascinating language.

Python  Fact-Check

Python is a machine language with an interpreter that converts high level code very quickly to binary form, and then machine level language. Python is the best place to start when you want to learn programming languages. It has been the centrepiece of programming applications for more than two decades and due to its omnipresence, Python programmers are in high demand in several industries. Python coders thus make six-figures annually, on average.

It is possible for anyone and everyone to learn this language. With just a little bit of patience and practice (and the right tools, of course), you can become a Python programmer within very little time.  So, the reasons to learn his essential language are clear. What about the methods?  The Python Programmer Bootcamp 2.0 gives you expansive knowledge and novice-friendly training about Python, for a reasonable price, so financial bumps don’t come in the way of your learning experience. It gives you lectures, starter programmes, tutorials and all the means you need.

Alternatively, a NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) course (Only in India) will help you learn programming with reasonable hours and fees and can be attended alongside your main job. You can even take help from the website,, to do to learn the language better. Even though this course might not teach you how to deal with Python specifically, I found that it helped me understand the basics of computer languages and assisted me in the major change from one stream to another.

Perseverance Pays – and Python too!

As I had suspected, the transition was definitely not an easy one. It took me some time to understand even the basics. Moreover, once I got used to the basic outlines of the programs, I faced the challenge of putting my knowledge to use in different programmes, as each had a separate need and structure. I eventually adjusted to the long hours in front of the computer screen and racking my brain. I was discouraged by many, who told me that it was better if I had stuck to my old job instead of taking chances with subjects that were apparently beyond my competencies. However, I never lost my love for the coding language. I persevered and was successful. Once I graduated, I had to work even harder, since no company would employ a fresher. But with internships, small jobs and loads of determination, I obtained enough qualifications and landed a job in one of the biggest software companies in the IT industry as a Python developer.

I took a big chance, with not a single clue of whether I was going to succeed or not, and ended up working a job that I could not have loved more. Changing fields that were poles apart, at one time, seemed something only crazy people thought of – until I was the one who did it. Everyone has the potential to do everything they want and more, you only need to have a goal in your mind, coffee in your cabinets, and determination in your heart. Effort will get you there. Strive for what you love, and you will succeed!

Guest article written by: Himanshi Goel has been associated as a Social Media Expert with since its start. She really loves to pen down her thoughts on mental constructs, habits, personal development and anything that pleases her eyes.

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Tarique Amir August 26, 2018 at 10:54

Hi Himanshi,

Good post! Computer is a fascination which has the power to attract everyone towards itself. We have come to this age where computers and electronic devices have become necessities in our life. It make our life so much easier and better.

Thanks for sharing this post. have a good day. 🙂


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