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by Guest Author on June 15, 2018

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Ecommerce has become one of the biggest digital industries in the world, and has turned into a necessity for us. Businesses are seeking best mobile app development companies as their development partners to build great ecommerce apps that increase their corporate and brand value. Stats also support what businesses are already anticipating in terms of sector growth. According to the analysis report by Statista, ecommerce is supposed to see tremendous growth from the current $1.3 trillion to $4.5 trillion in 2021, which is almost a 250% raise. Apart from this, ecommerce platforms, unlike conventional selling, is reaching beyond the borders, truly catching up with the definition of globalization. As per what Nielsen’s found in its report on expansion of ecommerce, more than 57% customers shopped from overseas retailers for better product quality and credibility. This clearly shows that ecommerce apps have successfully tackled the challenges that local and national enterprises could not do.

The above mentioned stats show why even small businesses are hiring mobile app development players to get impeccable solutions they can utilize with their sales and marketing strategies. But before you go ahead with your app idea, it is important to know what customers prefer in a mobile application and what the ongoing trends are. To give you a better idea, here’s a list of top factors that you should consider keeping in your ecommerce app:

Simplistic design

Different types of apps have different design requirements, but when we are talking about an app that has a huge inventory of products, the design needs to be clutter-free and must not lose focus from the particular range or group of items. Most of the ecommerce applications that have failed, did so because they could not focus on the charisma of what they are selling. Design should be very simplistic so that each and every section about the product clearly describes the product. In-app suggestions are important but they should not interfere with the presence of a product. Also, try to match up the colour, theme or feel of the application.

Ease of navigation

Easy navigation is equally important when it comes ecommerce applications. After all, how else do you plan to give your users an easy way to find the product they want? The thing about great navigation in an app is that it should be intuitive and a use shall not need a tutorial to swipe left or right to reach where they intend to. One of the most popular navigation tools that most of the big apps like Amazon, are already using is a navigation bar that allows users to access different sections on their ecommerce app by simply swiping left or right. Other than that, there are many other expensive navigation options that mobile app development companies offer and are worth considering.

Personalized Suggestions

All the successful ecommerce apps use personalized recommendations so that each customer can have a dedicated experience for themselves on the app and get availed by only the deals that matter. This avoids confusion for the users and also increases visitor to customer conversion rate as customers can have the exact product they want. However, personalization is not just about the product a user is presented with but also by analysing their usual time of purchase, average expenditure, number of items purchased, and most importantly the categories they purchase from. Also, the response to personalized suggestions also allows companies to gather customer relationship data through their app or website’s CRM system to serve the customer in even better ways and improve where the app has been lagging. But to generate insights from them, analytics tools are important. So consider registering your app with the best analytics portal as well.

Payment options

This step may not be directly be related to the app development process but it is definitely a decisive one. Lack of payment options has drowned a lot of ecommerce startup. Try to include as many local and international payment options as possible to avoid losing out customers from different channels. Most importantly, localize your app in terms of payment channels as well by including local payment options and electronic wallets. Consider Apple Pay and Samsung Pay options as well if you think your mobile app can afford that.

So here were some of the top features that you need to have in your ecommerce mobile app. Besides, what is even more decisive is the quality of app development team you are working with for building your app and whether they are sharing project progress or not.
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Daniel Barbosa June 30, 2018 at 08:21

Hey Namratha!
I love your article, pretty easy to understand.
I’d like to know if there’s any way to integrate a Shopify store with an app? And how it would work with 3rd party suppliers as Oberlo?
Thank you very much for your answer!
Greetings from Mexico!
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