Introducing Messenger 4 app update with all new features

Recently Facebook announced to rolling out a new version of Messenger.  The Facebook team had done few Messenger survey, where 71% people told simplicity is the highest priority for a messaging app. Another study with people who used messenger very often, 62% of them told they feel closer with their friends and relatives while them messaging. New Messenger 4 provides the authenticity and closeness which users are looking for. With some exclusive updated features, Messenger 4 will softly roll out universally over the coming weeks.

The overhauling Messenger 4 will appear with an updated interface and cutting down the glitches from the app. Through the following updated and new powerful features the focus back on the messenger.

Easier to Navigate: – Messenger 4 includes three tabs instead of nine. It makes easier your both conversations single and groups to put it in the front and center in the Chats tab. We love to share photos and videos every day, new Messenger placed the camera at the top so it becomes easier to capture and share our selfies. Also, there is the Discover tab which can connect us with businesses to get the newest deals, Games, latest news. Along with the vacation booking facility and many more.

Personalize Conversations: – In this version of Messenger, the chat bobbles color can be changed any time to reflect the mood of users or topic of the conversation. Facebook knows that people love to expresses themselves with emojis, nicknames, and chat colors. So, Messenger 4 offer us to personalize our conversation with a beautiful update called chat gradients. Where users can customize their chat. There are several colors to customize the chat bubbles in a different conversation.

Familiar:-  With the simpler and easy to use messaging service Messenger 4 still upbringing all the features which help to connect with the people we loved. Users can poll their friends in the upcoming movie to watch, share live location to easily find friends, they can split the bills for the last night’s dinner. Also, users can challenge their friends or catch up in a group video chat.

Personal: – There is something more to introduce in Messenger 4. Such as new dark mode, a re-skinned interface which cut down on the glare from the phone. It will take time to get used to in these changes that is why users are rolling out the new Messenger in phases. Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Messenger said there are furthermore developments will be including.

Due to the privacy concern and data breaches, Facebook has been reviewed. Recently the company announced that data beach affected approximate 29 million users. Facebook also mentioned that the cyber-attack did not affect Messenger.

Guest article written by: Shambaditya Mukherjee

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  1. Hi Shambaditya,

    Great post. It is good to know that messenger has updated some features. It was much required. People generally prefer using WhatsApp instead of any other messaging service. However, it is always nice to try out new things.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂


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