Ways To Get The Best Internet Reception For Your Home

Internet services disruption and frequent disconnection issues are a usual thing that you might come across when you’re using your internet. You also get to know the strength of your high speed internet connection when enjoying your favorite multiplayer game online on your network or downloading a large-sized file. This spoils all the fun, right? Imagine you have set your aim on your enemy and due to a slight lag, you lose your edge and he/she escapes your crosshair – even worse, you get shot instead. Also, when you have an assignment deadline coming up, you can’t complete your work on time due to a poor internet connection. Disconnected internet service can get you in trouble at work as well. Here’s a little something that you can do to avoid these issues and get better internet reception. These practices will help you enjoy using the internet and get a better internet connection at home and work.

Get Closer To Your Router

Your Wi-Fi connection is going to get you a better internet experience if you have positioned your router closer to your devices. For instance, if you use the internet somewhere near your living room, then placing your router somewhere near your kitchen will not be a good idea. You might experience a weaker internet service while playing your game or when you are watching your favorite movies and shows. Placing your router in a central location will help you a lot and will increase the strength of the signals. There might be a chance that you won’t get a very high-speed internet. Walls, floor, and other objects also become an obstruction in hindering your wireless signal as well.

Close Programs and Websites Running in the Background

Programs having a high bandwidth consumption include Netflix, YouTube, and other websites. There are different applications that might be running in the background as well.  This includes all the programs on all the connected devices but not the ones you are currently using. Also, if you’re running any downloads in the background you should either decline them or pause them for a while. Other programs that don’t use up your internet won’t affect your ping, but there is a chance that it might affect your internet speed and experience.

Don’t Connect Too Many Devices on the Network

You should lessen the number of devices connected to your WiFi. The router you use and the internet connection you have can support a certain number of devices. Adding more devices might slow down your internet performance but increase your ping rate. If there are many people in your family or if you’re living in with someone, you might face the issue of speed. To solve this issue, you can set your phone and other devices on Airplane Mode while one is using the internet. Don’t overuse your internet service.

If You Have Tried Everything, Then Restart Your Router

If your network hardware is being used on a more frequent basis, it might not be able to function in a proper way for long. Remove the power cables connected to your modem and the router, and wait for a while and then try reconnecting them. This will refresh your internet connection and also decrease your ping as well. Resetting your connection for at least once a month will give your device a break and refresh your internet connection. If you experience some serious speed issues, then you might consider resetting your router on a daily basis.

If you use a modem that is separate from the router, then you should go ahead and reset that too. This is going to stimulate your connection to the internet service provider that you use and that’s how turning on and off your internet connection is going to help you experience a better internet connection.

Use a Timer to Schedule Your Modem and Router Reset

If you don’t want to clutter your to-do list, there are many other ways to get this done. You can use an outlet timer which you can get from Amazon and other online stores as well. All you need to do is plug your modem or the router into the said timer that will turn the system on and off for you. You can set your timer and restart the router in the night when before going to bed. This is going to be good practice for a speedy internet service in the morning. But keep this thing in mind that resetting your router and modem will not boost your internet speed in an instant. However, it will help you fix your slow internet connection problem to a greater extent.

Don’t Hesitate To Call Your Internet Service Provider

If your internet connection problem persists and you feel like replacing your router or your service, look forward to contacting your customer support executive or the ISP. Let them know about the problem you are facing and also let them know about latency issues. They might get your problem fixed while saving your money on the other hand. Contacting your internet service provider and getting your issue resolved is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to resolve your problems.

Buy Yourself a New Router

If you think that there is no way out of your problem at hand and even your customer support executive suggests you get a new router, then it is time to get a new router. This is going to have a considerable impact on the strength of the connection and the internet speed you might be getting at home. There are quite a few internet router options available. You can buy these on Amazon as well. Pick the ones that work best for you.

The quality and strength of your Internet services and signals can be different. These also might vary from place to place or the nature of work that you might be doing using your internet for. Make sure that you have the right device.

Guest article written by: Nathan John works as a content editor at Mediacom and he has seven years of experience in content writing.

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