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by Emily on October 12, 2020

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Aside from their position as inherently fun and exhilarating, whilst also having the potential to be outrageously lucrative, there is something else that truly separates online slots from the rest of the gambling world. The thing about these incredible little games, especially in the online domain, is that they are fully customisable, and developers can make slots that fall under a huge variety of different themes.

This may not sound like a particularly big deal now as we are fully used to different themed online slots, however imagine the excitement that it created back in the early days, where all other casino games looked the same each time you played. Slot themes are a huge reason why online slots at have become so popular, there is just no arguing with that fact. Read ahead for some slots themes that players love.  

Irish themed slots 

Over the years there have been several slot themes that have ended up being in vogue, however out of all of these there is one theme in particular that has proved to be a particular favourite. In fact, can you imagine the online slots industry without Irish themed slots? They are quite literally everywhere these days, a testimony to their incredible popularity. 

It was the famous Rainbow Riches franchise that properly kicked off online slot gamblers’ love of the Irish theme, and, after all, this should not be a surprising development, as traditional Irish folklore is perfectly suited to the world of gambling, what with the pots of gold and lucky charms. 

Classic themed slots 

For all the online slot industry’s incredible amount of development over the years there is one group of gamblers who at one point felt as though they were being left behind. Classic experienced slot gamblers probably couldn’t believe their luck when online slots first became a thing, however since then many games have got more and more complex and used wackier and wackier themes. 

This is all well and good for many slot gamblers, especially the younger generation, however what about the classic slot gamblers who simply want retro online slots? Well, luckily for them in the last decade developers are putting more and more time aside to develop a range of classic themed slots. 

Movie themed slots 

One of the coolest things about the online slot world is that developers can literally model their games on pretty much anything, and this often ends up being a culturally significant thing like a box office smash hit motion picture. You would not believe the amount of film themed online slots on the market at the moment, there are hundreds! 

Just take the Ted slot by Blueprint Gaming, for example, or Microgaming’s Immortal Romance that is inspired by the Twilight saga. If there is a popular film released in the 21st century you best believe that somebody is going to make a slot out of it. 

Childhood themed slots 

Although children are not allowed to play online slots, there are a lot of games out there that are geared towards a nostalgic portrayal of childhood, just look at Fluffy Favourites!

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