All You Want To Know About January 2020 Google Core Update

by Guest Author on February 21, 2020

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It is during the daylight hours of January 13, 2020; Google announced a core update that shook up the orderliness of Google data. Its impact was huge, as many users reported major changes in the page order. If you wonder, whether Google makes such changes very often. The answer is, “yes”. Google makes over 3,200 changes to its search systems every year. Well, this blog entails all the details you would want to know about the major update that happened in 2020, which is termed as the ‘January 2020 Core Update’. Read on…….

What is an algorithm update? 

For those who doesn’t know what a Google core update is, it is always better to have a fair idea about it, before trying to understand what the January core update hullabaloo. Search engines use algorithms and various other ranking signals to rank web pages. Once in a while, Google updates its algorithm for various reasons and the process is termed as ‘Google algorithm update’. 

January 2020 Core Update In precise:

  • 13 January: Google announces the roll out of its major update
  • 13 to 16 January: Update is rolled out to Google’s data centres 
  • In the next couple of days, core update is not yet established 
  • Google continues pursuing its transparent communication policy that started in 2019 
  • Google also releases another SERP layout update which enables favicons display in the desktop search results

What changes are to be made?

Prior to January, Google rolled out major changes in the month of August, March, June and September 2019 and all of it has generated considerable flux in the page ranking. However, nothing made the greatest shift like January 2020 core update. Verticals that got majorly hit are health, family and communication, beauty and personal care, finance, internet and telecom, vehicles and law & government. If you have a website, you would have noticed a major change in its positioning after a January despite having strong SEO background. Google has now come up with tips and trick on how to improve site ranking after a core update. In the instruction, it is clearly mentioned that those who have experienced a drop doesn’t have to search for a particular fix because there is nothing to fix at all. However, Google has now focused on improving the way its algorithm evaluates the content. So, the current demanding change is for your content. Make sure your online presence is created around original information, comprehensive details and above anything else, check whether it bring value additions to people who read the data.

What one needs to be careful is not to take a few data points, overanalyse and make unnecessary alterations to your webpage presence. As long as you haven’t faked or tried to fool the search engine, nothing should affect the position. If you are not sure what are the standard procedures to follow in order to rank higher, read the guidelines on; this is all you need.  

Well, there is another important thing to be considered. The core update has affected Google Discover App too. All that this app does is to provide knowledge feeds to a person based on his or her search patterns and interests. Some pages in Discover app saw a steady decline in both impressions and visits. You must now be wondering why this app is specially mentioned in this blog. Well, this is because the Discover app has the highest click-through rate. So, even the slightest positioning change would affect those who are trying to rank better.

Very soon, Google might come up with more major updates and if you are new into the online business or have a small team, you do not have to worry about the consulting part or an expert solution. All you have to do is to approach an outsourcing agency that houses brilliant digital marketing specialists. For example, at Ossisto, we have a brilliant team of digital marketers who can give you custom made solutions to rank higher amid Google updates at an affordable price. Ossisto is your one stop shop for all the business assistance and virtual employment requirements. Having served a wide range of clients, we are adept in bringing positive differences. So do not miss out on a chance to collaborate with us. 

Guest article written by: Ossisto

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Thanks for share this article


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Thanks for your best article.Thanks for sharing


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You have told about it very well. I hope you will keep writing articles on such a great subject.


Krishna July 25, 2020 at 17:20

Thanks for sharing this article. Google is now a days very strict.


Sanjeev P October 30, 2020 at 12:23

Changes in Google algorithm is something that we have learnt to live with. It is what makes SEO exciting and keeps us in business.
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