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by Calvin on February 10, 2021

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Founded in 2008, Vendita is the child of a 20-year IT industry veteran, Doug Sullinger, who has worked across several verticals and worked with some of the biggest names in technology, such as IBM and Oracle. After breaking his back and earning a wealth of experience and knowledge, Sullinger decided it was time he followed his father’s footsteps into entrepreneurship, and at that point, the story of Vendita began.

Like most businesses, the start was very humble and with only a few deals a year. This wouldn’t deter Sullinger or his team, and they kept working hard. Eventually, their efforts would pay off, and business boomed. The small Vendita company that had been started by a man with a dream snowballed into one of the country’s biggest IT firms. Today, Vendita is a multifaceted organization with various divisions, including marketing, development, HR, sales, management, and payroll, among others. From just a one-man operation out of a home office, Vendita had grown into a major corporation. has its roots in software asset management, particularly Oracle compliance and license management. For a majority of the time they have been in operation, one of the main things they have been doing is helping both private and public corporations of all sizes from different corners of the globe with their licensing and compliance issues. Being Oracle partners and officially recognized IBM sellers, corporations can always count on Vendita when it comes to software licensing and, in the process, help them save millions of dollars, which is what every profit making organization wants.

By working with different organizations in different fields during a span of almost a decade, the company may have noticed a sort of repetitive cycle of the same problems in the tech world. Most organizations faced these particular problems, so a solution that would cut across various companies in the industry was needed. They had a unique opportunity to make an impact that would reduce pain points and increase the productivity of DBAs and organizations as a whole.

A lot of work was put into this project, and in 2018, a decade after its establishment, the company decided to take on a new challenge and, with that, embark on a new direction with the business. In as much as efforts would be put to ensure that the company doesn’t lose its identity and maintain the legacy business that had been the foundation of the company for ten years, they wanted to take on something new; development.

This development involved developing Vendita’s own proprietary software. It would then come to be known as MAS (Master Automated Solution).

Getting to Know MAS

To put it simply, MAS is a proprietary database automation software that allows its users to increase productivity while still being able to keep costs at a low and achieve standardization across all popular databases in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. With MAS, organizations can manage their IT environment under one intuitive interface, which in turn can help with simplifying database management needs and maximizing the value of business processes, servers, and IT workforce.

How Does MAS Help Businesses?

MAS can be a very helpful tool for businesses, especially the ones that cannot afford to hire an entire IT department to take care of their IT needs. Other than helping improve efficiency in a company by reducing costs and, in some ways, increasing productivity, Master Automated Solutions can transform how a business operates and save managers a lot of needless trouble that can be common with IT problems. Below are some of the other ways in which MAS can prove to be helpful to businesses.


Oracle compliance is always giving firms a headache. It can sometimes be a confusing and challenging process that leaves them facing expensive fines. It is very popular for Oracle customers to become non-compliant without even realizing it. Most of the time, this is caused by end-user behavior or a misinterpretation of their contractual allowance. With MAS, organizations will be able to self-audit and thus give themselves a better understanding of what is licensed in their Oracle environment and what isn’t.


MAS makes it easy for companies to monitor multiple databases simultaneously with views for tables, objects, and storage. Among other things, they will be able to view trends and anomalies in business and data behavior and automate email notifications (for single users or groups) for when a process starts, finishes, or fails.

Database Performance

Master Automated Solutions allows DBAs to monitor CPU usage and I/O levels, showing the possible points of failure in production support, which can be very helpful for a business trying to get on its feet. In addition to that, companies can view active sessions to locate top SQL statements, which allows them to remediate inefficient code or kill the session.


Backups are very critical for any organization, especially one that is very reliant on data for its operations. With MAS, users can perform backup duties on multiple database platforms through one single intuitive interface. Regardless of whether they are doing Import/Export, Dump/Import, or custom RMAN processes, it can all be scheduled within MAS.

Vendita is governed by three main core values; honesty, hard work, and loyalty. With every engagement, the aim is to add value. Every single person who is part of the team at Vendita is working towards the same common goal, which is to see the company grow and excel into the top database automation solution provider in the world. They all have a unique role in the company’s success, and through hard work and collaboration, they hope to achieve that.

Despite growing from a one-man operation out of a home office to a full-fledged corporation with multiple divisions, the company continues to show exponential growth with no signs of throwing in the towel. It is for this reason that they regard themselves as more than just a tech company. They are a force within the Tampa Bay community and sponsors of the PGA’s Valspar Championship every year, which has resulted in millions of dollars donated to charity among a host of other community engagements.

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