Fleet Management: Installation of a High-Speed WiFi Router Bus System

by Calvin on March 22, 2021

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Passenger buses and coaches have become more accommodating to passengers especially through easy access to mobile internet. Today, passengers can enjoy high-speed internet while on the go through different mobile internet technologies installed in the vehicles. As a fleet company that operates passenger buses and coaches, it is recommended to install a high-speed Wifi router bus system with enough capacity to accommodate heavy browsing by all passengers.

When preparing a newly purchased bus, one of the things to be done is the installation of a Wifi router bus system. This is also the case when you want to upgrade the internet connectivity in the existing buses.

What Is a WiFi Router Bus System?

Wireless internet connectivity provided by cellular networks is ideal for Wifi routers on buses. Wifi routers are used everywhere to provide wireless hotspots such as in offices, homes, and now buses. With one strong router positioned at the center of the bus, all passengers can connect their smartphones, tablets, and computers into the network and enjoy browsing or accessing social media platforms.

Fleet companies should know that WiFi router bus systems have different demands, which is why they should consider the feature carefully. Actually, it is best to buy those that are recommended for buses because they can support many users.

Features of a WiFi Router Bus System

Before you buy a Wifi router bus system from eyeride.io or any other reliable fleet solution provider, you should check the features and ensure that they suit your needs. Here are some of the features of the best routers for buses and coaches.

  •       4G/LTE/5G connectivity – Soon, the entire world will be migrating to 5G internet connectivity. But currently, 4G/LTE internet is fast enough to serve passengers well in a bus. So, be certain that the Wifi router bus system you install can take full advantage of high-speed connectivity from your cellular network.
  •       Supports many users – It is best to buy a Wifi router bus system that accommodates many users. For instance, if your bus capacity is 24 people, have a 36-user router because it will be able to handle passengers with more than one device.
  •       Portable – It is best to use a Wifi router bus system that can be moved from one vehicle to another. This is an advantage to the fleet company because they can move these devices from one bus to another alongside other accessories if there is a need.

How to Install a WiFi Router Bus System

The installation process is handled by experts after you have chosen the right device. If the installation is being carried out on a new bus, it is most convenient for it to be installed together with the cellular internet receiver device.

However, a Wifi router bus system can be installed alone during an upgrade. All that a technician needs to do is connect it to the cellular receiver and a power supply. It is easy to do the configurations so that all users have password-controlled access.


Passenger buses and coaches with a reliable Wifi router bus system give customers more satisfying transportation services. And it is even better when the router is fast enough to allow quick downloads and streaming. Fleet companies that manage passenger buses and coaches should use these insights to take their businesses to the next level.


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