Technological advances in elevators: what are the latest developments?

Technology has advanced a lot in all sectors and in the case of vertical lifts, it was not going to be less. They represent an effective and safe technological solution, which has evolved over time.

The elevator was becoming an increasingly innovative element, giving rise to multiple possibilities without compromising quality. Over the years, this equipment reached very reasonable prices, becoming essential to install in all types of buildings, premises, and homes. In addition, elevator access security systems have undergone rapid development in the technological aspect.

Do you want to know the latest news and technological advances in elevators?

Accessible virtual keypad

Some big companies have worked on the development of a system that avoids pressing buttons in the car, facilitating their use by people with disabilities. It is an accessible virtual keypad that consists of operating the elevator from a mobile device. This keypad will be available very soon to avoid contact in public spaces for health issues. In addition, it will be adjusted to the needs of the user, favoring the inclusion of disabled people. Thus, anyone can call and use the elevator in the simplest way possible. This keypad will work through Bluetooth Low Energy technology and will be compatible with smartphones and all brands of lifts and stairlifts on the market.

‘Twin’ elevators

In recent months, an innovative structure has been developed, centered on an advanced system of two independent elevators that share the same shaft, guides, and exterior doors. Each elevator has its motor and an independent cabin that moves autonomously. The main advantage of this mechanism is to minimize waiting time for users, while reducing space and enhancing transport capacity. It is the perfect solution for taller buildings that want to save space and opt for an intelligent control system that manages their operation. At the moment it has already been installed in the building of the National Bank of Kuwait, located in the center of the capital, which has 63 floors and a height of 300 meters.

Holographic elevators

In order to avoid contact with the surface of the elevators and facilitate their handling, another of the novelties that we have seen in recent weeks is a system of holographic buttons. In other words, it is a floating panel in which different options are distinguished that the user will press in the air, without the need to touch any physical button. Faced with the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this solution offers equal parts protection, security, and comfort.

Automatic hidden ramp

Its installation is carried out by means of a metallic cassette that incorporates all the necessary elements for its operation (mechanical and electrical). Regarding its placement, it is totally embedded in the upper part of the steps, being practically negligible. It can be hidden using the same existing material, or if you want to resort to another alternative, through a normal cleaning mat. In addition, it offers multiple benefits, since it unfolds automatically, does not require any type of special electrical installation, and has a resistance of up to 250 kilograms.

Ultraviolet rays that disinfect the elevator

Today, there is an intelligent elevator that uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect the cabin. Once the elevator is stopped and without occupants, the mechanism proceeds to eliminate any trace of viruses and bacteria, as a protection measure against Covid-19.

Elevator technology is expected to continue to develop, accompanied by technological improvements in the security aspect involving what is called video surveillance. We will discuss that in the next post.

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  1. Amazing technological advancement and some of those are looking like coming straight out of science fiction movie or novel.


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